It’s hard to believe yet another year is almost in the books for our annual HipHopDX Turkey Awards but then again, it’s hard to believe some of the “fuck shit” (© D.R.A.M.) rappers these days attempt to get away with.

For the eleventh consecutive year, the HipHopDX Turkey Awards exist to call it how we see it. No need for any elaborate intros or garnish. Let’s start the (shit) show.

Respek My Name Award



Despite the controversy between Lil Wayne and Cash Money, Birdman managed to stay radio silent. Which is ironic because the radio is where he was targeted the most. After Weezy poured his heart out on social media and made his “daddy” the easy villain, everyone from Rick Ross to Trick Daddy antagonized the Cash Money co-founder with various shots on The Breakfast Club.

Welp, as you know by now, Birdman didn’t appreciate those comments and ensured Charlamagne, Angela Yee and DJ Envy were made aware in the most hilarious, yet awkwardly short interview of the year. The highlights were bountiful whether one enjoyed “All Tree Of Y’all” or the now iconic “Put Some Respek On My Name.” Birdman eventually apologized, though Charlamagne didn’t accept the backpedaling. However, using his ingenious business sense, Baby sold shirts using the “Respek” tag and created a single as well. There still isn’t an album, though. (Not like there’s anyone asking for it but still, carpe diem, Baby.)

Yet, those memes made it all worth it.

The Damnnnn Homie Award

Troy Ave

When shots rang out at a T.I. show in New York City back in May 2016, Troy Ave was among those to get a bullet in his body. Fortunately, his wounds were not fatal and the bullet apparently just grazed him, but either way, scary shit, right? One person, in fact, did die from their wounds. Troy Ave’s crew was allegedly involved in the incident and left many people confused as to what kind of role Mr. Roland Collins played in the whole thing. While at the hospital, Ave was arrested for attempted murder after surveillance video captured him firing a gun. Initially, police thought Ave killed his bodyguard, Ronald “Banga” McPhatter after they matched a gun found in the van he was in that turned out to be the murder weapon. What really happened?

Nearly a month later, with confusion still swirling around the ordeal, Ave’s official charges were revealed, which included five felonies. While sitting in a cell at Riker’s Island, he was actually denied bail, but once finally out, he then attempted to sue Irving Plaza, the venue where the shooting actually occurred. Not all was lost, however. While sitting in jail, he penned the Roland Collins album and since then, has been pumping out music videos and singles almost like nothing ever happened, although some of the material on the 10-track effort appears to stem from a lot of soul searching.

Whatever the real story is, only Mr. Collins knows for sure.

Long As My Bitches Love Me Award

Lil Wayne


Lil Wayne has had quite an eventful year, but not really for the music. Amidst his battles with seizures and Birdman, Weezy’s biggest gaffe in 2016 was his notorious Nightline interview where he disassociated himself from the Black Lives Matter movement and said his life mattered … to himself and his bitches. This wasn’t Wayne’s first time brushing off racial tensions as he previously told Skip Bayless that he’d never experienced racism. He did apologize for the Nightline episode and said he was taken off guard by a question about his daughter.

“Pussy, money, weed, codeine/She say my dick feel like morphine/I hope my name taste like sardines…”

Weezy F. Baby and the F is for favored because that’s apparently the life that he’s lived.

The Fire Your Executive Producer Award


views meme

Drake’s fourth studio album, Views, is a streaming phenomenon. You know that hotline definitely blings when you’re on the winning side of breaking an Eminem record, who just happens to be the second-biggest-selling male artist of all time. You know what else Drake’s Views is? A 2.9-rated album. That means people are putting the hot singles on repeat and ignoring the rest of the clutter. Who the hell is in “controlla” over there? We don’t care who wrote the songs at this point. Just stop putting so many of those shits on one album. There’s no reason why a mixtape sounds so much more fluid than your retail album. No more nap time in the OVO Sound studios.

The Publicity Stunt BACKFIRE Award

Some Struggle “Rapper”

It goes without saying being a poppin’ rapper isn’t so easy these days. Fans won’t openly admit it but social media shenanigans pique their interest way more than the actual music. While antics can indeed you gain you career longevity, no one is ever recommending anyone to go to extreme measures, like say … uh … shooting yourself in the fucking face for attention?

Earlier in the year, we witnessed some rapper from some city risk it all for eight minutes of fame. The end result? Cheers, asshole. Still nobody knows your name and you have a hole in your face. At least he’ll be a hit at the kids’ table at this year’s Thanksgiving. (Hey guys, want to see me make this macaroni disappear?)

The Ike Turnup Woman Beater Award

Famous Dex

Domestic violence should never be condoned. And in the unfortunate incident that it does occur, all appropriate measures to learn from such a terrible situation and grow from it should be taken. Many a troubled celebrity (and some of your own family members) have moved past instances of violence (and we’ll stop just short of calling Famous Dex a celebrity).

However, he did stoop to the lowest of lows when he 1) Treated R&B singer Tish Hyman’s rental apartment like a Mötley Crüe hotel room after she put him up and 2) Was caught pummeling his girlfriend (after he says she cheated) in that very same hallway. Aren’t you a rapper? Don’t girls come with the job description? To top it off, his initial reaction was nothing short of arrogant; he was seen posting an IG of his bloodied and bruised beater hand holding a blunt.

The fallout was swift and eye-opening. Puma pulled out of their deal with him and he was forced to spend a few days in jail as a result of the melee. Whether it was karma or an attempt to save face, Dex returned to the streets following suicidal cries with a new outlook on life, promising to do better. For every girl who likes Hot Cheetos-colored dreadlocks, we hope he’s sincere.

The Joanne The Scammer Award

Nicki Minaj & RetcH


Oxford Dictionary declared its 2016 Word Of The Year to be “post-truth,” a circumstance where opinion is formed less by facts and more by existing personal belief. Some Hip Hop figures found their own truth by just straight up trolling their fans with hilarious gags outright lies. Sure, fans should’ve probably guessed that Nicki Minaj’s “Pick My Fruit Out” album announcement was a hoax, but when RetcH posted a picture of himself wearing a TDE chain claiming that he’d signed to the label of Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q it seemed within the realm of possibility. It took him two days to clarify the joke to his followers, though TDE shot down the claim much quicker.

Don’t Trust Their Twitter Award

Eric B. & Rakim

Da fuq?

When the news of Eric B. and Rakim reuniting hit the internet, Hip Hop fans shouted a collective “Hallelujah” in anticipation of the long overdue event. This, however, was just the beginning of a series of confusing posts that left people scratching their heads like, “Uh … is this real or not?” Eric B.’s camp even confirmed to HipHopDX that the tour was a go, while the Rakim side sipped Kermit tea.

To add to the confusion, Madlib’s animated alter ego, Quasimoto, then started posting cryptic photos to his Instagram account that alluded to a possible opening slot on this apparently unfounded Eric B. & Rakim reunion tour. In the photo, Quas is sitting in between the two on the cover of the legendary duo’s 1988 album, Follow the Leader, and the caption reads, “Proud to announce the reformation of Eric B., Rakim and Quas. New album and tour in 2017.”

There was no validity to the statement because of course. To make matters worse, Eric B. & Rakim’s Twitter account seemed to have gotten hacked and made them appear to be endorsing Donald Trump with posts like, “Hillary ain’t speaking the truth. Trump is a business man. What America needs is @ERICB in the Presidential Cabinet.”

Realizing they’d likely been hacked, they quickly posted, “We’ve taken back command of our twitter. Thanks for your help @Twitter @Support,” followed by a couple of tweets that voiced their support for Hillary Clinton. Whatever is going on with Eric B. & Rakim’s camps, two things are for certain — Eric B. was NOT voted President and definitely don’t believe the Twitter hype.

No More Racks City Award


tyga turkey awards

My, my, my, Tyga has had one hell of a year. Let’s run down memory lane, in hopes you can keep up. There was that time in  January when Tyga was accused of trying to “pursue” 14-year-old model Molly O’Malia via social media and then in February, T-Raww Dogg found himself at the center of another lawsuit from a landlord. This time, over the space he rented for his clothing company, Egypt Last Kings Clothing. Then, three weeks later it came out that he reportedly owed Choice Motor Credit $357,350.77 for failing to make payments on his 2013 Lamborghini Aventador. What a way to start the year.

When the Summertime Madness kicked in, Tyga dropped $45,000 on a diamond encrusted Ben Baller grill and turned around in August and surprised his girlfriend Kylie Jenner with a $200,000 black Maybach for her 19th birthday. But of course, all good things come to an end because just three days after buying that precious Maybach, he was issued an arrest warrant after he failed to show up to court for a hearing in a lawsuit from another former landlord. Three days after the no-show in court, Tyga and the former landlord reached an agreement and all was well in Tyga’s world again, or so we thought.

Just a couple of days later, celebrity jeweler Jason Arasheben came after Tyga for owing him $200,000. In 2014, a judge had ordered Tyga to pay more than $200,000 to Arasheben. Fast forward to today – well two weeks ago — Tyga has finally handed over half of the $200,000 he owed and was scheduled to pay off the rest later in November.

But if you know anything about math, the $186,000 in damages (from ANOTHER landlord) accusing him of spreading “hazardous environmental waste” didn’t exactly land him in the black. And Innocent Kylie got thrust in the middle after Arasheben’s attorney wanted to have a little convo with Miss Jenner about the lavish gifts Mr. Gold Chains bestowed upon her, like the $320,000 white Ferrari 482 Italia and the $200,000 black Mercedes Maybach. Let’s just hope 2017 runs a little smoother for Tyga because his name was absolutely tabloid toilet paper this year.

Racial Idle Delilah Flip Flop Award

Azealia Banks

azealia banks donald trump 1

The term career suicide is nothing short of an understatement when it comes to Azealia Banks. Between new Twitter spats with pre-teens that got her removed from social media and threatening to quit music, the “212” artist couldn’t keep her wildly ridiculous racial ideology from being her undoing. And yes, it got way worse. Not only was Banks caught on camera defending skin bleaching, but she found herself getting kicked out of a Russell Crowe party and calling RZA weak in the presence of the very same white people she loves and hates at the blink of an eye. Somewhere in between, she praised Donald Trump, then withdrew support and praised him yet again after the historic upset against Hillary Clinton. For an artist who actually released some solid music this year, her mouth makes people forget it.

Make America Lame Again Award

Hillary Clinton, Kanye West, Daylyt, Azealia Banks, Chingy, Floyd Mayweather, Polow D…Aw Forget It

The Hip Hop community overwhelmingly declared it was “Fuck Donald Trump” season but there was still a handful of artists that backed the Grab ‘Em By The Pussy mogul-turned-president without any real reasoning other than to be controversial. Chingy re-emerged from relative obscurity to praise Trump before taking his statements back. Notorious troll Daylyt even mentioned the possibility of the soon-to-be 45th POTUS curing racism. Ever the opportunist, Azealia Banks mirrored Chingy before celebrating Trump’s win against Hillary Clinton (who made the cut for being a career politician who can’t beat a Miss USA pageant showrunner).

Then there was that photo Trump shared of himself and Floyd Mayweather who possibly couldn’t even read the writing on the wall. No, literally, Mayweather probably didn’t read what he got himself into. The biggest shocker came during Kanye’s San Jose stop of his Saint Pablo Tour when he not only backed Trump but called for black people to stop focusing on racism … like it doesn’t focus on black people.

By the way, get well soon, Yeezy.

How To Get Away With Hoe-ism Award

Blac Chyna

blac chyna rose

Last year, Blac Chyna so dashingly ran away with the “The Vibin’ On Our Hoe-ism Award.” Not only did she have to endure her baby daddy Tyga leaving her for someone underage, but she then decided to get a tattoo of rapper Future’s name after they had a short very short relationship. This year she had step it up a notch — we mean there was no way those other thirsty bishes could steal her shine, right? Welp, she unlocked Level Hoe Zen: SHE NABBED HERSELF A KARDASHIAN. Not only did she nab Rob Kardashian (her ex-fiance’s new girlfriend’s brother; yes read that again … and again …), but she got engaged to the guy, they got their own E! News show AND just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Dream Renee Kardashian. Let’s just say the girl knows what she is doing.

See What They Do For Views Award

Martin Shkreli

Pharma bro Martin Shkreli might have taken a backseat to The Donald as Hip Hop’s most reviled villain in 2016, but he gleefully kept trolling whoever would pay attention/beef with him on Twitter, including Ghostface Killah, Copywrite and battle rapper Dizaster.

Many of his lofty proclamations (such as bailing out Bobby Shmurda, releasing a diss track for Ghostface and buying The Life Of Pablo for $15 mill) never came to pass, though he did make good on his promise to leak the one-of-a-kind Wu Tang album when Donald Trump won the election.

Who knows — what with the state of America as it is now, we might see him pop up again as Trump’s new Secretary Of Health.

Where’s The Knife Tattoo On Your Head? Award

22 Savage

22 savage long as my bishes love me

Does anybody really listen to 22 Savage’s music other than when it’s presented as a copycat of 21 Savage? 21 Savage is already controversial enough as one of the ringleaders of the Mumble Rap movement, but he’s clearly light years ahead of his rival after getting co-signs from Drake AND Meek Mill (And a car from Drake but let’s stay on topic). And he has a knife tattooed on his forehead. 22 Savage doesn’t. But he does have a … murder case. One point for authenticity, we guess. Maybe he should be focusing on things other than chasing down the rising Atlanta star.

Or Nah Award

Soulja Boy


It’s so cliché for Soulja Boy to earn these Turkey Awards. We all know Soulja Boy has a lot of money, guzzles lean by the pharmacy shipment and probably gets a lot of girls. But the guy has made too many headlines this year for claiming things that we just can’t believe. It started with the $400 million deal with, which wasn’t really what it seemed. Then, he beefed with Lil Yachty over a girl because he didn’t have weed. Now he’s out here putting out bounties on people’s heads like he’s Avon Barksdale? And did he buy that $6 million penthouse or was it an Airbnb?

We’re pretty sure that writing credit for Beyonce’s LEMONADE is legit, though. We guess we’ll just get into formation.

That’s all there is to it, folks. Check out some of the previous installments down below and we dare to you to take a shot every time you spot a repeat offender.

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