Hip Hop Interviews

Meet The Young L.A. Producer Whose Beats Brought Out The Old Kanye

#DXCLUSIVE: “After the first beat, Kanye told me to play more."

Slimkid3 Explains How Brian Austin Greene & Korn Aided The Pharcyde’s Rift

#DXCLUSIVE: Tre also breaks down the difference between "Bizarre Ride II" and "Labcabincalifornia."

Could Bay Area Slaps & UK Rap Hybrids Be The Future? Joe Blow Thinks So

#DXCLUSIVE: His "Bridge the Gap" album looks to bring more fans from across the pond.

DAX Reveals Why He Wants To Sign With A Major Label In 2019

#DXCLUSIVE: “I'm going to be one of the biggest Hip Hop artists eventually."

How Fredo Bang Used His Jail Stint To Get His Bars Up

#DXCLUSIVE: The "Bangman Challenge" rapper is ready for the next level.

Brittney Taylor Talks Female Unity In Hip Hop & Making 2019 Her Year

#DXCLUSIVE: The "Love & Hip Hop: NY" model and muse is moving into Hip Hop.

DJ Self On "Love & Hip Hop," Being An Entrepreneur & Modern DJ Culture

#DXCLUSIVE: DJ Self encourages up-and-comers to think outside the box.

Killer Mike Talks Capitalism, New Netflix Series & His "Billionaire Mindset"

#DXCLUSIVE: The jewels runner is now the host of a new Netflix series, "Trigger Warning With Killer Mike."

Producer 183rd Talks ”Uptown” Project & The Importance Of Artist Development

#DXCLUSIVE: “I think cats need to be taught how to make a living, first,” 183rd says.

Surve Talks New Tinmak3K Single & "Spreading Love"

#DXCLUSIVE: The Louisiana native talks working with heavy hitters on his first time out.

Sa-Roc Opens Up About Self-Harm, Self-Doubt & Ultimately Self-Love

#DXCLUSIVE: The "Sharecropper's Daughter" talks about her forthcoming album and the changing landscape for women.

E.D.I. Mean Recalls Tupac's Murder & Dubs Suge Knight's Fate "A Cautionary Tale"

#DXCLUSIVE: The Outlawz MC also talks about his new "Hope Dealer Pt. 2" solo album and using music as therapy.

"Bird Box" Cast Discusses Fear, Inspiration & Family

#DXCLUSIVE: Sanda Bullock, Trevante Rhodes and more speak on the captivating Netflix film.

Russell Simmons Vets LL Cool J's Rock Hall Snubs & Kurtis Blow's "Christmas Rappin'"

Hip Hop's Dalai Lama recalls his entrance to the music business in 1979, and discusses the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame being hard as hell to let in Uncle L.

DJ Kay Slay Says He's "Hater Proof" Because He Enjoys "Making Generational Connections"

#DXCLUSIVE: The legendary DJ says he creates movements by connecting rappers of different genres.

Stro Elliot Shares How The Roots & DJ Jazzy Jeff Prepped His "Jimmy Fallon" Gig

#DXCLUSIVE: The Big Apple has been kind to the former military brat.

Surviving The Bad Boy Curse: “Crush On You” Producer Andreao Heard Talks Career & New Label

From Biggie to Michael Jackson, the man has had quite a career.

Trev Rich On His "Spider-Verse" Glory & Joe Budden's "Rap Star Boot Camp"

#DXCLUSIVE: The former Cash Money signee has his sights set on publishing.

W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew Continues The "Rock Steady" Family Business

#DXCLUSIVE; The Hip Hop dance crew says their goals and dreams have been realized all of 2019.

How Steve Stoute Positioned UnitedMasters To Be The Gel Between Hip Hop & NBA Culture

#DXCLUSIVE: The Commissioner speaks with DX Editor-In-Chief Trent Clark about his new partnership but also explains why new Hip Hop is still worth keeping up with.

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