Tyga filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy on December 10, 2010, according to theJasmineBrand.

The California aritst filed in order to maneuver his way out of paying his former landlord money after he won a default judgement for Tyga‘s failure to pay his past due rent which has only recently been paid

The 26-year old rapper born Michael Ray Stevenson said that he only had $50,000 and could not afford to pay his creditors the debt he owed which neared almost $500,000 and included the money owed from the Tarzana home he was evicted from.

According to court documents, in January 2011 HSBC Bank USA accused Tyga of filing the bankruptcy in “bad faith to delay, hinder or defraud the bank” and a motion for relief from the automatic stay was filed.

“They explained that the rapper transferred all or part ownership, or other interest in, a property without the consent or approval of the court,” reads theJasmineBrand.com. “The bank said that in June 2009, a woman named Olivia Blaisure transferred ownership of her home in Whittier, California from only herself to have her, Tyga and a man named Mark Cannon. She said she was adding them to the deed as a ‘gift.'”

Over $700,000 was owed on the home and bank wanted the courts to allow for them to continue to foreclose on the home for unpaid mortgage.

The bankruptcy filing was dismissed in February and no debt was wiped clean because of the Young Money rapper‘s failure to provide the required documents.

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