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Review: Freddie Gibbs' Self-Titled Album Is Steroidal Gangsta Music

At its best, Kane lives up to his full potential. At its worst, it's still flame emojis.

Review: Lecrae & Zaytoven's "Let The Trap Say Amen" Gives The Gospel A Fightin' Chance

Substance for all the other rap alternatives.

Review: Jacquees' "4275" Cements His Most Definite Work Yet

While a bit overlong, the LP is jam-packed with ballads that prove the young man is eager to become a mainstay in the modern R&B landscape.

Review: Future's "Superfly Vol. 1" Is A Contender For Soundtrack Of The Year

At its best, it rivals "Black Panther." At its worst, Young Thug is repeating “Tie My Shoes.”

Review: Beyoncé & JAY-Z's "EVERYTHING IS LOVE" Is Pure Musical Matrimony

While their marriage may have its flaws, "EVERYTHING IS LOVE" frankly doesn't.

Review: The Kanye West Rush Job Shortchanges “NASIR’s” Potential

An eye-opening warmup but a warmup nonetheless.

Review: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie's "International Artist" Goes Global With Style

The range of rhythms, sounds and flows makes his most addictive project yet.

Review: Ace Hood's "Trust The Process II: Undefeated" Is Motivational Music

While a little lengthy, the veteran MC looks to get his fans right — mentally and physically.

Review: wifisfuneral “Ethernet Vol. 1” Feels Like Treadmill Trap

An intense project that feels like the Florida rapper is ultimately running in place.

Review: Jay Rock's "Redemption" Quietly Unlocks A Career Milestone

TDE’s hot streak is showing no signs of slowing down in 2018.

Review: DJ Muggs & Meyhem Lauren's "Frozen Angels" Packs Enough Heat To Melt The EP Title

The bi-coastal duo of the legendary Cypress Hill beatsmith and Laurenovicci is an NYC soundtrack to dark summer nights.

Review: Christina Aguilera’s "Liberation" Refocuses Star's R&B Capabilities

With contributions from Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign, GoldLink and more, the project marks her first worthy album this decade.

Review: Fat Nick's "Generation Numb" Is Both Shallow & Satisfying

At it's best, it's a shallow bop. At it's worst, it's repetitive rigmarole.

Review: Dizzy Wright Makes A Dive For Mainstream Waters On "Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done"

The Hippy doesn't sink nor swim but does tread water throughout the short project.

Review: Tierra Whack's Audiovisual Journey Into "Whack World" Puts That Repeat Button To Work

Doing great, doing good.

Review: "Kids See Ghosts" Is Kid Cudi's Redemption & Much Better Than "ye"

The self-titled debut collaboration is an exorcism on wax.

Review: Femdot’s “Delacreme 2” Is Unfiltered Political Commentary

At least, as far as this Chicago rapper is concerned.

Review: Fetty Wap’s “Bruce Wayne” Is The Outro To The Fall Off

It was all good just three years ago…

Review: "Ocean's 8" Star Awkwafina’s "In Fina We Trust" EP Is Vibrant & Hilarious

LOL lyrics galore.

Review: Joey Cool Makes Quality A Priority On Strange Music Debut

This LP is a gem among a sea of new releases.

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