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Review: ReTcH Keeps It Extra Grimey On “After The Verdict”

No bops, but a LOT of bars.

Review: Childish Gambino’s "Summer Pack" Is A Welcome Antidote To Political Turbulence

Two songs is a project now? Let's get it then, Mr. Glover!

Review: Gunplay's “Active” Lacks The Heart That Made Him...Gunplay

The MMG vet breaks his streak of unheralded consistency with this release.

Review: Meek Mill's "Legend Of The Summer" Simply Underwhelms

It's a triumph that Philly's Finest is back to making music. Now we need to him to make great music.

Review: "BEASTMODE 2" Gives Future & Zaytoven Their Summer '18 Credentials

The veteran trappers are unsurprisingly in top form on the long-awaited sequel to 2015’s "Beast Mode."

Review: Dom Kennedy's "Addicted To The Underground" Is A Light Snack In A Sea Of Heavy Meals

Only the original DopeItsDom fans need to apply.

Review: Lil Xan’s “Heartbreak Soldiers” EP Suffers From SoundCloud Identity Crisis

Drowsy raps from Diego.

Review: Bump J Revels In His Throwback Tendencies On "I Don’t Feel Rehabilitated"

Dope raps to bump on your iPod Classic.

Review: Michael Christmas' “Role Model” Bursts With Personality & Quirk

A refreshing take on MC's breaking the fourth wall.

Review: Casanova's "Commissary" EP Is Hard-Knock Honest

NYC bars inspired by NYC prison bars.

Review: Freeway's "Think Free" Harks Back To The Roc's Glory Days

JAY-Z made a good move by signing his old labelmate.

Review: Drake Finally Earns That Shoulder Chip With Bloated "Scorpion"

Drizzy’s rush to solidify his legacy plagues much of the project but also delivers an assortment of gems.

Review: UGS4LIFE's "Fxck Tha Lamestream" Is Plagued With Bad Bone Thugs Impressions

Scott Bejda and Detag keep things too conservative.

Review: Freddie Gibbs' Self-Titled Album Is Steroidal Gangsta Music

At its best, Kane lives up to his full potential. At its worst, it's still flame emojis.

Review: Lecrae & Zaytoven's "Let The Trap Say Amen" Gives The Gospel A Fightin' Chance

Substance for all the other rap alternatives.

Review: Jacquees' "4275" Cements His Most Definite Work Yet

While a bit overlong, the LP is jam-packed with ballads that prove the young man is eager to become a mainstay in the modern R&B landscape.

Review: Future's "Superfly Vol. 1" Is A Contender For Soundtrack Of The Year

At its best, it rivals "Black Panther." At its worst, Young Thug is repeating “Tie My Shoes.”

Review: Beyoncé & JAY-Z's "EVERYTHING IS LOVE" Is Pure Musical Matrimony

While their marriage may have its flaws, "EVERYTHING IS LOVE" frankly doesn't.

Review: The Kanye West Rush Job Shortchanges “NASIR’s” Potential

An eye-opening warmup but a warmup nonetheless.

Review: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie's "International Artist" Goes Global With Style

The range of rhythms, sounds and flows makes his most addictive project yet.

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