Our Staff

The hard-working people who make HipHopDX possible.

CEO & Publisher

Sharath Cherian

Office Manager & Assistant to CEO

Elise Ricks


Editor-in-Chief – Trent Clark

Staff writer – Kyle Eustice

Staff writer – Justin Ivey 


Jaysn Prolifiq 


Coordinator – CJ Walker 

Technology & Product Development

Copy & Research

 Alex Dwyer

 Alex Thornton

 Amanda Bassa

 Anna Nathanson

 Brandon E. Roos

 Brian Sims

 Chris Richburg

 Chris Lassiter

 Danielle Harling

 Danielle Stolich

 Henry Mansell

 Homer Johnsen

 Jesse Fairfax

 Jolie Sanchez

 Jon Reyes

 Jonathan Tobias

 Kevin S. Gary

 Lakeia Brown

 Melanie Cornish

 Mina Jasarevic

 Nadine Graham

 Paul Meara

 Philip Mlynar

 Ronald Grant

 Rory Webb

 Ryan Shea

 Sean Ryon

 Sha’Linda Jeanine

 Sherron Shabazz

 Sowmya Krishnamurthy

 Sunez Allah

 Tanisha Alston

 William Ketchum, III

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