Tyga did not show up to court yesterday (August 26) in the ongoing lawsuit between him and the owner of a home he claims he bought, TMZ reports.

The judge ruled that Tyga must pay the owner $70,000 in back rent. The owner initially sued the California rapper for not paying rent for two months.

Tyga is also facing a six-digit lawsuit for breaking a contract with a Las Vegas nightclub.

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Tyga says that he does not owe rent to anyone, but he is purchasing the house that he is reportedly being evicted from, according to TMZ.

The rapper says that he put down $200,000 on the home a year ago and was given permission to move in. The seller reportedly agreed to put the money in escrow, a third party where the money is held until agreed upon by buyer and seller.

Tyga claims the escrow was supposed to close months ago, but the seller failed to provide information to Tyga’s bank that would have closed the deal.

“We evidently live in a world where a man’s word is no longer your bond,” Tyga’s lawyer, Lee Hutton says.

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Tyga is being sued by the landlord of his Calabasas mansion for two months rent, according to TMZ.

The home Tyga previously shared with his ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna, rents for $25,000 a month.

His landlord says this isn’t the first time the Young Money artist has been behind on his rent and says he has until Saturday to pay. If Tyga doesn’t pay, the landlord will file for eviction  and charge the “Rack City” rapper an additional $833.33 per day.

Tyga was previously sued in May for not paying rent at a different property for nearly $125,000 plus interest and is currently being sued by Last Kings co-founder for $1.6 million dollars.

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