Leave it to the internet to call out a flexing rapper with the swiftness.

The net’s latest victim is Soulja Boy who recently claimed to have purchased a Hollywood penthouse for $6 million. It has now been reported that the penthouse Soulja is currently staying in is likely an $895 a night rental on Airbnb.

According to DJ Akademiks, who discovered what could be the Airbnb profile for the home, several people reached out to him about the penthouse being a rental.

Prior to today’s (November 2) discovery of Soulja’s flexing foul, the rapper boasted about how much dough he dropped on the penthouse.

“Spent $6 million for the new penthouse in Hollywood,” Soulja Boy said while conducting a video tour of the penthouse. “Shit crazy. Last night was crazy. I don’t even remember what the fuck happened…My closet bigger than niggas’ apartments. I been to a couple of bitch’s apartments. My closet bigger than they whole apartment.”

An Airbnb listing (that’s no longer available) for what is reportedly the penthouse in the video states that it was used to film several episodes of the HBO show Entourage. Additionally, the house rules for the penthouse warn against any “crazy party’s.”

Soulja Boy answered the allegations online by saying that the penthouse is indeed his and he’s tired of people always questioning him. The post was of course shared by DJ Akademiks.

“Shit crazy, niggas be hating,” the rapper says, sighing. “Can’t even get no $6 million crib for no airbnb. I’ve been in this bitch for about a month. I’m finna be here for another year. I don’t think you can rent no airbnb for a year straight. C’mon, man. Y’all just stop hating, man. Let me do me. I bought the Ferrari, ‘Oh, he rented the Ferrari.’ I get a new crib. Just let me do me. Y’all stop hating, man. Who cares, anyway? Y’all getting paid to figure out how I got my house, nigga this is my house.”

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In a video he posted to Twitter, Soulja directly addresses DJ Akademiks and blasts him for fanning the flames of the rumors he’s a fraud. He says he’s not a real news outlet like TMZ, which is a big deal considering the celebrity site more frequently gets dragged for its reporting.

“Aye, DJ Akademiks, you a bitch, nigga,” he says as he tours the house yet again. “You a bitch. Show your house, nigga. Show your fucking house, nigga. This my house, nigga. Suck a dick, nigga. You a fucking, you’re not real media. You’re not TMZ. You’re not E! channel. You ain’t BET News. You a fucking faggot-ass DJ. Suck my dick, nigga. Yeah, this shit on airbnb because I own this crib and I rent it out to motherfuckers when I want to make an extra four bands in one day or something, something that you never heard of, bitch.”

This latest L for Soulja Boy comes months after a spokesperson for World Poker Fund Holdings and CelebrityWorld.com revealed that the rapper “jumped the gun” when he announced that he signed a $400 million endorsement deal with the company.

“There’s no way they could cut a $400 million deal. Endorsement deals are calculated on a lot of different factors. This is not a fully cash transaction,” the spokesperson, Matthew Bird, said while speaking with Forbes in May of this year.