Dropping singles and releasing a full-length album are two entirely different ballgames. With so many options continually accumulating in the music domain, Hip Hop artists who manage to retain listeners’ attention stand out now more than ever before.

Skipping past content that doesn’t immediately grasp the senses is a common practice today because there’s always a replacement within arm’s reach, and HipHopDX has singled out the packages that pacify this restlessness.



Our picks for best Hip Hop albums of 2024 consider the different elements of packaging a captivating bundle of songs — length, arrangement, restraint and, of course, the overall quality of the product.

Big Hit & The Game – Paisley Dreams

Recorded over just one extended studio session, The Game and Big Hit’s joint album was produced entirely by Hit-Boy and released immediately on New Year’s Day. The nine-cut package encapsulates the spirit of Los Angeles, channeled through the vigor of the OG Blood Brothers.

Benny The Butcher
– Everybody Can’t Go

Produced entirely by Hit-Boy and The Alchemist (excluding one track which sees Hit-Boy share production credits with Corbett), Everybody Can’t Go traces the Griselda MC’s resilience from crippling artistic independence to signing with Def Jam Recordings and building on the label’s legacy of all-time greats like DMX, LL COOL J, Beastie Boys and Warren G, among countless others. As evident from the title, not everyone’s built to see a race through to the end — participants and spectators — but those who stick around, at least for Benny’s run, are promised a reward.



Kota The Friend
– Lyrics to GO Vol. 5

Kota The Friend has been serving up bars for nearly a decade, having covered more ground in that much time than the average MC. In the most recent installment of his Lyrics to GO series, the East Coast native meets the same towering expectations he set when he dropped the first edition back in 2020. In other words, the tracklist doesn’t lose steam at any point over its 27-minute runtime.

Hus Kingpin & 9th Wonder
– The Supergoat

9th Wonder‘s brilliance is no secret, though he deserves even more credit for using it to elevate wordsmiths who don’t receive the shine they deserve. Make no mistake, Hus Kingpin is no stranger to Hip Hop heads, but his new collaboration with the former Little Brother beatmaker has brought him even closer to the recognition he is worthy of.



Revival Season
– Propaganda

The rapper–producer duo’s latest offering is made up of only four tracks, yet it accomplishes in its brief run what most artists aspire to through full-length projects. A fusion of Brandon “BEZ” Evans and Jonah Swilley’s abstract genius, the package is proof that high energy can adjust to any pace and rhythm.

HipHopDX’s search for the best Hip Hop albums of 2024 involves recurring alterations and upgrades. Join us in curating this living, breathing shortlist and hop in the comments section to let us know if we missed anything.

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