Conway The Machine will be joining forces with 38 Spesh for a collaborative album titled Special Machinery that’s slated to arrive later this year.

38 Spesh revealed the news during his appearance on The Bootleg Kev Podcast last week, explaining he and Conway will link up for their first joint album. The project is already complete, and according to the Rochester, NY native, it will be something special.

“Me and Conway got an album,” he told Bootleg Kev. “The people gotta get ready for that. It’s done, I’m gonna follow up after Gunsmoke with that. The name of that album is called Special Machinery. Something serious, Special Machinery, we on there getting busy and shit, you know what I’m saying. I produced the whole joint, me and my guy Jimmy Dukes. He’s a producer from out of Buffalo, we produced the whole joint.”

Spesh added that the joint album with Conway contains 10 songs and will arrive either in July or August. He also revealed he’d drop a solo album giving fans three different releases this year.

If that weren’t enough, 38 Spesh also said he and Benny The Butcher are cooking up in the studio as well. The two released Stabbed & Shot in 2018 and Spesh hinted at the sequel during his talk with Kev.

“It’s surprising to hear the hunger that we still got,” Spesh said of his project with Benny. “It’s like, wow, we still sound this good together, and we still bring the best out of each other.”

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Conway The Machine Signee Jae Skeese Brings The Guns Out In 'Bonneville' Video

38 Spesh also revealed the work ethic between both men is pretty much the same. The only difference was that Spesh spent more time recording with Benny than Conway. But regardless, the work gets done whenever he links up with either of them.

“Me and Ben, you know, we was recording for a longer period of time, right, you know what I’m saying? We’ve been doing this shit together for a long time, since like 07-08, we got a lot more chemistry,” he said. “Me and Conway, we ain’t record as much, but we still got history and shit, but you know, the recording process is still really like the same though we still go in there and give it our best. It’s a very competitive situation.”

In total, 38 Spesh has done three collaborative projects with Benny The Butcher, which are Cocaine Cowboys, Stabbed & Shot and Trust the Sopranos. 38 Spesh is fresh off the release of Beyond Belief, a joint effort with Harry Fraud that dropped in 2022.

38 followed that up with Greenthumbs Meets Trigger Fingers with Vic Spencer, which dropped in 2023.