1. anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.
  2. “I realized I was a lifelong sufferer of FOMO”

Urban dictionary definition: The fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great.

My definition: DON’T MISS THE EVENT.

Luckily, I’m here to provide you with all things you’ve missed, in this popping city of Los Angeles. My name is Shirley Ju, and I live, breathe, sleep Hip Hop. Coming from the Bay, I grew up to the hyphy movement. That being said, turning up is all I know. This will be a weekly recap of the dope events that I myself felt like I couldn’t miss, and you guys wish you were at.

Tuesday, April 11

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Sampha is an amazing human being. He is like this pure, musical energy. Most of you may recognize him as the dude on Drake’s “4422.” I’m about to put you on. I’ve had this show in my planner for over a month. Huge thanks to Ryan for getting me on the list. It certainly wasn’t easy. 


Sampha was to take the stage at 9:30 p.m. at The El Rey on Wilshire. This was a sold out show if there ever was one (Alina Baraz status). I was already on a Sampha high after hearing his album Process. Then I attended a screening of his short film (of the same name) and it was game over. I had to see him live.

I mentioned this in the other article, but if you know music, you know Sampha. His music is pure art. Pure genius. The combination of live instruments and his one-of-a-kind voice. . . it’s no wonder Drake put him on More Life. I maneuver my way into my secret spot to the right of the stage and prepare myself along with the rest of the audience.

#Sampha performing "Plastic 100°C" ? @samphaaa

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“Plastic 100°C” is the first track of the album, which honestly is the reason I fell in love with Sampha as an artist. It is one hell of an intro track, and also one hell of an intro to the show. The lights were dim on stage and when they finally turned out, the crowd went nuts. “We love you Sampha!”

“Timmy’s Prayer” was next, another one of my favorites. Mind you, he’s jamming out on the keyboard the entire time. I only had about 30 minutes to work with, and stayed through “Incomplete Kisses” “Happens,” and “Too Much.” It was really difficult to leave, but I knew I’d see him again. It’s only up from here.

My next destination: Vince Staples at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. Definitely was here last night for Desiigner, which was not nearly as crowded. This was the first of two completely sold out shows. I actually have friends who went last night at OC Observatory, also sold out. It makes sense — Vince is from Long Beach. This is his city.

This is the Life Aquatic Tour, and it was wavy AF. It’s also his first headlining tour. I’ve seen him perform in festival settings before, but this was 10 times better. I push my way to the very front to meet V and Ural, who were working in the photo pit. This wasn’t your average Hip Hop show. The lights, the stage set up, the smoke — Vince created an unforgettable experience for everyone in the room tonight.

Naturally, the night progressively got better and better. We were so hyped. V told me he opened with “Prima Donna” from his most recent EP of the same title. I came as he began to perform “Smile,” but what sucked me in was “Lift Me Up” from his 2015 project Summertime ‘06.

‪Señorita ??#VinceStaples @vincestaples ‬

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He proceeded to perform “Jump Off The Roof,” before my absolute favorite: “Señorita.” I remember when this music video came out. We were all like “dammmnnnnn.” Plus Future is on it. He snaps on the chorus.

Hands Up ?? #VinceStaples ?: @uralg323

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Ural texts me this killer shot and I posted it right after he played “Hands Up.” “Throw your hands in the air” as everyone in the crowd raised theirs. Random fact: Vince has asthma, which is why he has to stand for a good amount of his performances. I was falling in love with him more and more, beyond his music. He gave us his all on stage tonight.

The highlight of my night was when he played his song with Flume, “Smoke & Retribution.” This record makes me cry, and I definitely teared up. “Going through society’s desires/smoke and retribution/keep it burning.” That line triggers me. I’m that girl that hates the temptations of this world and am yet a product of it. We all are.

“Blue Suede” was the teaser encore. It was nuts. The bass was just so crazy up by the speakers in the front. We head to the back to watch the remainder of the show (“Norf Norf” and “Summertime”) in an attempt to beat the crowd, which completely backfired later.

So thankful to have V as a friend. We shared a lot of great moments tonight, like when Vince played his track with GTA, “Little Bit Of This.” I had to cop her the Vince Staples tee she wanted (the one with the red rose). I actually didn’t mind supporting the artist by purchasing merch. Someone told me that was their biggest source of income/profit.

We also had the pleasure of finally meeting Courtni from Def Jam, in real life. The boss, Trent Clark, was also in attendance. It was all praise for Vince tonight.

Wednesday, April 12

Today was Tee Grizzley’s Meet & Greet in Hollywood, which we actually helped put on (I had no idea when DJ Carisma invited me Sunday night at Jason Darole’s Hello mixtape release party). If you guys aren’t familiar, Tee is from Detroit, and is definitely making a name for himself out here. He just dropped a mixtape called My Moment, and his single “First Day Out” is a banger.

Out here at the #TeeGrizzley Meet & Greet ??

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We pull up to Manor on Vine, which I find out is the same at Tiffany’s on Vine. I’ve been here once before and really liked the venue. It’s a really dope restaurant with a back patio, perfect for brunches, and a rapper’s meet and greet. It was a little slow at first, but eventually, all the homies popped up. I think 4 p.m. is just an awkward time to have an event.

key to the streets ? #yfnlucci #hollywood

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Shout out to YFN Lucci for rolling through. He just stopped by the office this morning to be interviewed by #EICTC. He was a sweetheart. I literally kept thinking of his meme that went viral. Ural handled the interview with Tee. It turned into more of a social gathering than anything. Blunts were lit and drinks were ordered. Happy Hump Day.

I came home to do some work (and shower) before my next event: 21 Savage at The Wiltern on Wilshire. This show had been in my planner since it was announced. Issa Tour (presented by Monster Energy Outbreak) was about to be crazy. 

My girl Breon broke the news to me that Drake was there backstage. I literally screen-shot that text and sent it to three of my friends who were attending the show. I had to. We pull up for 21’s set time at 10 p.m. and he was literally on stage at 10 p.m. That never happens. The screen flashed his name as he stands there with a mask over his face. Terrifying.

I'm on that Slaughter Gang shit ✊? #21Savage #OutbreakTour @21savage @monsterenergy

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“Red Opps” is one of the first tracks that made me fall in love with 21. “I’m on that Slaughter Gang shit, Murder Gang shit.” Man, those kids have no idea what they’re chanting along to. I would say that was the majority of the audience. These rappers’ fanbases keep getting younger and younger.

#21Savage brought out #Drake ?????? Issa Tour. @21savage @champagnepapi

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21 Savage literally took the longest wardrobe change known to mankind. I have to give it up to his hype man. He had the crowd turnt the entire night. The intermission started off with a “Free Bobby Shmurda” and “Free Kodak Black,” followed by straight bangers for a solid 15-20 minutes. And then: Drizzy. This is what I was waiting for the entire show lmao. “Sneakin” is their track together, and they sure as hell snuck up on everyone tonight.

Next, he performed “Gyalchester” off More Life. Holy shit. That was the first time I’ve seen that song live. It was incredible.

#21savage brought out #drake ??? issa muthafuckin tour lmao. on my #slaughtergang shit ✊? #losangeles

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Then“Fake Love,” a song that you simply cannot deny is pure fire. Seriously. Drake is that man. If he’s going to release a single, he’s 100 percent making sure that single is the hottest record out. . . at any given time.

We didn’t want Drizzy to get off stage, but it was back to 21 Savage. He performed all his bangers: “Savage Mode,” “No Heart,” “Mad High,” and “X Bitch” with Future. 

Mike Taylor’s performance was next up at The Peppermint Club. I had just been to this venue for Niia, and knew this was going to special. Mike is a singer, designer and DJ from Philly, signed to Rostrum Records (even more reason he was worth checking out). Huge thanks to his publicist Kim for inviting me. I was told he was taking the stage at midnight.

He didn’t actually take the stage until 12:30 a.m. It was a school night, but I’m super glad I stayed. He came out with the most energy and nothing but smiles. His crazy bright neon pants said it all. It gave us all a sense of his bubbly personality without having to speak with him. I really enjoyed his performance of “SummerGirl!” That’s his record with Afrojack, one of the most lit EDM DJs to this day.

He followed that up with a cover of MGMT’s “Electric Feel.” He announced this will be coming out on vinyl. Dope. I couldn’t stay for his entire set, but definitely check out his Feel Good EP. The name speaks for itself.

Thursday, April 13

#GHerbo spoke with @shirju about his take on #NickiMinaj and #RemyMa beef ????

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First off, I’m stoked that my G Herbo interview finally got published. This was one of my favorite artists I’ve spoken with. So humble and so kind.

I just realized after tonight, I have officially attended six shows in three days. Damn. Tonight was Sohn at Fonda Theater in Hollywood. We meet again. This time, I found parking right across the street at a meter. It was a sign that it was going to be a good night. Huge thanks for Megan for the tickets. This was magical.

It was another full house. We all waited patiently as they prepped the stage for Sohn. He is a singer, songwriter and record producer based in Vienna, Austria. He started his set with “Proof” off his Rennen project. But “Tremors” was the song that got me. It was everything live. This is also the name of his latest project, which has been in crazy rotation on my end.

This was my favorite part of the show. Seeing a beautiful young woman in the very front, standing there solo with her eyes closed. She legitimately knew every word to Sohn’s songs. “Falling” was so memorable. Sohn must have repeated the word 20 times consecutively, each time mesmerizing us with his voice just as much as the last time.

Shout out to my girl Taylor who put me on Sohn. She literally posted a screenshot of “Lights” on her IG and I had to peep game. People ask me all the time about how I hear about new music, and I always say: my friends. Friends are key in discovering new artists. It’s funny because we were both here Monday and completely missed the fight that went down before Desiigner took the stage. Rap beefs these days.

Next up: Dave B at The Echo on Sunset. Huge thanks to Greg Miller for the invite. I can always trust his judgment. Dave is a singer, rapper, producer and songwriter from Seattle, which was definitely the vibe of the crowd tonight — hipster, trendy and here for a good show.

Jaylien was the opener, who I had the pleasure of meeting outside after the show. Really cool and down-to-earth. I honestly love when I can vibe with an artist. He played us tracks from his Summer’s Over project: “Choices,” “Summer’s Over,” and “We Fcuk,” which he closed with. No typo there. His music made me wish I had a boo.

Dave B was up next. Greg described him as sounding like Goldlink, which caught my attention. That’s an artist I’m vibing to currently. Immediately, he starts his set with “Olive Oil,” which I had to ask the title of. This kid has such great energy. You could just tell how happy he was to be on stage. 

The homie Manoj came through as well. He actually knew of Dave B because of their hometown of Seattle. He told me Dave is super lit over there. I believe it. I loved how much Dave sampled the classics with his own music, such as “Find A Way” by A Tribe Called Quest (“Help Me Find a Way”). It was a dance party in the room tonight.  

I’m excited to see his career grow. The Echo is definitely a dope spot to headline a tour in Los Angeles. Before his last song, he rambled about this dank Brazilian food place that he had to revisit while he’s in the city of angels. It was cute. I love seeing an artist’s personality while they’re on stage. It’s 2 a.m. and I have to pack for Coachella now. See you all out there <3.