You’re watching an entertaining as make-believe interview by the cherub like Young Jack Thriller and he says, “Go headbutt a knife!” You can’t help but laugh out loud. In a land of superlative characters roaming the Hip Hop hills, Jack stands out for his old school adherence to telling the truth. The maestro of ThisIs50 is a mixture of Bernie Mac and a pit bull, both dangerous, but not as the punch line he’s about to serve up, ice cold.

“Was it Professor Xavier who was the X-Man that could get into people’s mind and make them do what they didn’t want to do?” asks the hyperbolic, Thriller. Well, yes and no. Professor Charles Xavier had a strict policy on killing; Jack has a policy on leveling everything in sight. He never comes off as anything less than hilarious, his glass eye darting around with a star in full display. If there were a real life X-Man in the blogging space, it would be him. And we’d line up to watch him work, then, as much as we do now. 

Always engaging and raucously honest, Young Jack Thriller is the creator of his own lane. A comedian/blogger/Battle Rap enthusiast/headline killer, the originator of 16 or Better is clearing the way for aspiring rappers to get their shot, albeit for a nominal fee. But as Jack says, “Why wouldn’t you invest in yourself?” He did, and it landed him in places he never thought he’d be like MTV’s Wild ’N Out with Nick Cannon, red carpets galore, and more. Here, he relates his reactions to the biggest headlines of 2014 exclusively for HipHopDX, including, the elevator incident heard round the world, Mayweather vs. T.I., and how he knows Tupac is still alive. It’s all happening.

Why Jack Thriller Says Solange Is An Ungrateful Bitch For Kicking Jay Z


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HipHopDX: Your saying, “Go headbutt a knife,” was that off the top, or is that a joke you do?

Jack Thriller: It’s something I’ve been doing maybe three years now. You know, sometimes… You ever imagine killing somebody before? Or having enough power to make somebody kill themself? Was it Professor Xavier who was the X-Man that could get into people’s mind and make them do what they didn’t want to do? That’s the X-Man I would want to be. Not Wolverine where the knives come out. I don’t wanna get my outfit dirty, you know slitting somebody’s throat and that nonsense. I just wanna be able, “Go head butt a knife. Now.” And you go do that shit. “Hey, go jump off the top of the HipHopDX building, right now, head first, like you are an Olympic swimmer.” Yeah. I would like to be able to control your mind.

HipHopDX: I want to ask you your reaction to some of the top stories that we’ve had on the site this year, some of the top stories in Hip Hop. So I’m gonna throw out a headline and then you give me your reaction. “Solange attacks Jay Z in elevator.”

Jack Thriller: Man, I think that Solange is a very, very, very blessed person because Jay Z is one of the coolest assholes in the game. Jay Z is such a businessman to the point where he know he’s always being watched. And with Solange, I feel like she’s a very ungrateful bitch, ‘cause her whole career is derived off of her sister’s career, they say of Jay Z and what not. So no matter, whatever he doing with Beyonce that’s foul, Solange shouldn’t have no goddamn opinion on it, ‘cause nobody wouldn’t even be checking for her, if she wasn’t Beyonce’s sister. So how dare she put her hands on him? Jay Z deserved a moment where he could just tell her, “Go headbutt a knife. Right now. Jump off the top of the HipHopDX building. Right now. Bitch, please. Got 99 problems and Solange ain’t one. If you having Solange problems, I feel bad for you, son. Headbutt a knife, bitch. Drink this rat poison. Right now. And say my name, say my name if anybody’s around you. Say, ‘Nigga, I’m sorry’ if you ain’t running game.” But, yeah, I would kick the field goal right off in Solange fucking head, myself.

I’m not one of those guys… Like, it ain’t no reason to ever put your hands on a woman in public. But off camera, nigga? Solange deserved it right there. I would’a gave her the fucking business. I would’a headbutted her and all that shit. And I would’ve killed the dude who turned in that video inside. That elevator video should’ve never came out. That should’ve never came out. Who is that guy? And I heard he got $250,000 for that video, too. Do you know how fast $250,000 like can be—what would you call it—diminished? Pro-plenished? Not replenished, ‘cause replenished means you got it back. But diminished. It was diminished, wasn’t it? Real talk, if you get $250,000 and you buy $10,000 worth of lottery tickets, one of the motherfuckers might be on point, or at least seven of ’em. Nevermind, he came up. He deserved that. But he still needs his ass kicked inside of an elevator, too. 

Jack Thriller Recalls Meeting Suge Knight; Says Tupac Is Alive 


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HipHopDX: “Suge Knight says Tupac is still alive”

Jack Thriller: I think Tupac is still alive. I really don’t think Tupac even got shot, ‘cause Suge Knight is so goddamn big, so he just has a lot of girth. It’s to the point where I just cannot imagine him missing all them goddamn bullets. I don’t believe nobody’s just that good of a shot. Tupac got to still be alive. He gotta. And if anybody know, Suge knows, ‘cause if somebody was dead, you wouldn’t be speaking on no shit like that. Or is Suge Knight one of them OJ Simpson motherfuckers that’s too stupid for his own good? I think Tupac’s alive and he probably working at goddamn Costco’s or some shit over in El Segundo. That money got to be gone. Yeah, I think he’s definitely alive, and I believe Suge. Suge gon’ tell us where he at. Suge is gonna tell us, ‘cause he keep on snitching about this shit. He gonna tell us where he at. I believe every fucking thing Suge says for some reason, ‘cause he ain’t got no reason to say it. The light ain’t been on Suge in a long time. 

Hey, Suge called me about two months ago. No bullshit. I swear to God, he called me. I had a bad-ass little thot over at my house. We was kicking it and shit, and the phone rings, and I say, “Hey, what’s up?” He’s like, “Hey, this Suge.” I’m like, “Suge, who?” He said, “The Suge. Who you think it is?” I said, “Suge Knight?”  He was like, “Yeah, this Suge Knight.” And he sound like the motherfucker that I had heard on TV for a long time. I’m like, “Aw this is Suge Knight on my phone.” He must’ve seen my Tupac interviews. So I’m trying to stay hard on the phone and whatnot. I don’t know what he wants from me, ‘cause there was one interview that I had said, “Yeah, I think Suge killed Tupac.” I thought that’s what he was calling me about, [and I thought] he was gonna kill me. He was right outside my door, and I got one of them apartments where it’s only one way in and one way out. So while I was on the phone with him, I would put mattresses and dressers and stuff by the door. I asked him, “Yeah, what’s going on, man? How you doin’?” And he was like, “Yeah, I wanna catch a meeting with you.” And I say, “Where you at?” He said, “L.A., over by the Staples Center. Let’s go and get lunch tomorrow.” I said, “In the daytime? OK, cool. That’s cool. Man, look I can meet you over by this police station that’s not too far away from the W Hotel if you wanna go over there and have this meeting and stuff.” And then he was like, “A’ight, we can do that.” I told him I had to check my schedule tomorrow and hit him back.” We never got together, ‘cause I never could get over the fact that I think he might be trying to kill me—especially if he asked me if I needed a ride to the place and whatnot. That’s a person that you don’t want to take that last ride with. Can you imagine me in the same place ‘Pac was, looking out the window like this? That’s the last shot and you see me with him in the driver’s seat. I’m not getting in the car with Suge. I’m gonna meet him there. 

How Jack Thriller Lost His Job Hosting Eminem’s “Total Slaughter”

HipHopDX: Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don battle at Total Slaughter 

Jack Thriller: Man, this is what I wanted to talk about, too. I don’t know if y’all know, but I was supposed to host the shit, right? Can I start from there before I get there? They called me one night like, “Yo, you know, Eminem about to do this Battle Rap show, man and we want you to be one of the hosts on the show.”  They told me I had the job and all that. Ain’t nothing good happened to me that goddamn big. I got excited. So immediately after I got off the phone with them, I went and found a picture of me and Eminem, and I posted it up on Instagram at about 4:00 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep. This was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. This had to be January 18, 2014, man. Nothing good ever happens to me. Not like this. Did I deserve it? Yes, I did. I posted it up and it went viral. I didn’t even promote it. All I did was just post a picture on Instagram. Shady Records hit me up at 11:00 a.m. We still in the a.m. on this day. [They said], “What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you fucking out of your mind? The fuck is wrong with you? You didn’t even sign a contract yet. Slaughterhouse and everybody is going crazy. People think it’s your show and Eminem’s show. This has nothing to do with you. You know what, can you go back online and say that you was just playing? But it’s a possibility that we might not be able to use you for the show.”

So, you want me to go tell a lie and then tell people that I was just bullshitting about a job I might not get? You gotta be shitting me. Fuck that. I left that shit up there. And as you can see, I still didn’t get the job. They had Sway and Kay Slay do it, and they did a great job and shit. Would it have been better if it was me? Yes. But that’s neither here nor there.

But Joe Budden, Hollow Da Don, battle rapper versus rapper? Man, Joe was really, really out of his element in that particular situation. He’s a big Battle Rap fan and whatnot, but you have to respect those people, man. It’s just like when people come up to me and me being a comedian, and they saying, “Yo, I could do what you do.” Oh, yeah, it look easy enough when you ain’t walking to that stage. But once you get there, what you gonna do? When you gotta make a gang of people laugh, and they don’t even know who you are—perfect strangers. It’s not like being around your friends. It’s not like being around your fans, inside Joe Budden’s situation. You’re not around your fans and people that like you already. These are Battle Rap fans. They’re the most unforgivable fans in the world, and they don’t care about nothing but bars.

Jack Thriller Debates Joe Budden & Hollow Da Don’s Battle Effort

DX: Do you think he lost by that big of a margain?

Young Jack Thriller: Joe Budden made a valiant effort. He did a bitch move by putting that mic down and quitting and shit…you know for a hot second. You can’t never let them see you sweat. The bars that he did, they were average than a motherfucker. Hollow showed up, but on the same token, did Hollow really go in on him? I would give outta, from one to 100, I’d give Hollow did 67% of his job. You know why? ‘Cause he knew he was gonna beat this motherfucker. Joe Budden, do I commend him for even taking the shit? Yeah, I do, but from one to 10, Joe Budden’s about a three. He was some good garbage that night. He was some good garbage. He was regular than a motherfucker. Did I think he win one round? No. He had some funny things he said in between and shit, but it was just too much shit to talk about him about: from getting punched by Raekwon, the Tahiry shit. Then Hollow fucked me up one time when he had said something about goddamn Tahiry when he was like, “Don’t you ever hit a bitch again, duh duh duh duh.” I thought he was fucking Tahiry then. Then, he followed the shit up with, “Yo, her booty sagging and the bitch is ran down and she fucked a whole bunch of niggas and shit.” I was like “Ooh, this motherfucker’s disrespectful. He don’t give a fuck.”

And that’s what I love about Hollow. Hollow even said something about Paul Rosenberg, in the front, about fucking him over with the money and shit. Classic. He did it. Man, let me take that 67% up to 75%. He did his thing. He could’ve been better. ‘Cause I know Hollow Da Don on a personal level, and I’ve seen him key motherfuckers that was way greater than Joe Budden. Like I said, Joe Budden’s not a battle rapper, so you can’t really fault him for that shit.

And then I hear a lot of people saying that Joe Budden is over, or it’s over for Joe Budden now. No it ain’t. We seen him get punched in the eye. He came back. We seen him do Love & Hip Hop, look crazy as fuck. He came back. There’s no way you can make Joe Budden look bad. No way. Joe Budden’s a Hip Hop cartoon character. Anything goes in his career. All he gotta do is just keep on being seen, keep on putting itself out there and getting himself a chance to stay relevant. He gonna be a’ight. And he’s a dope rapper, too, but he sucked a big dick in Total Slaughter. It was bad. 

Total Slaughter as a whole, can I speak on that? Total Slaughter as a whole, as far as the event went, I think it’s amazing. I was on the phone with Busta Rhymes, Murda Mook and N.O.R.E. the next day. We was talking about the Loaded Lux, Mook battle and shit, and we talked about the battle overall. Busta made a dope-ass point about how—even though none of the battles was that dope—it still was a great move for Battle Rap as a whole to be showcased on Pay-Per-View where people can order it on TV. So now, I challenged everybody that’s battle rapping, get a hold of yourself. Don’t let the hype go to your head. ‘Cause I’ve seen a lot of battle rappers, after the Loaded Lux, Calicoe battle, the shit went commercial. Motherfuckers got famous, and they was talking about they deserve this money and that money and dah, dah, dah. But when they did, the bars got weaker and weaker. The hunger got diminished a little bit; just the popularity of the culture and the talent level was getting unbalanced. And so I just, like I said, I challenge all the Battle Rappers to step that shit up. Too many motherfuckers choked on the show, but it’s a dope show. But I think it’s time to bring a whole new grade of battle rappers in…the people that are more hungry. Everybody on that show, gone ahead and let them be elders and bring the new guys in. Let’s see who the new Murda Mooks is. Let’s see who the new Loaded Luxes are. Let’s see who the new Hollow Da Don is. You’re gonna love ‘em. They dope. They just ain’t have that platform. And I think Total Slaughter’s gonna be a great platform for that. Do I wanna see another rapper battle a battle rapper? Yes, I do. Who would I love to see? You didn’t ask me this. Can I answer that? Now that Hollow Da Don on top, let’s give him somebody a little bit more of a challenge, a little bit more of a… 

Why Jack Thriller Wants King Los & Lloyd Banks To Join Battle Rap 

HipHopDX: King Los? 

Jack Thriller: Woo! King Los and Hollow Da Don. I’d love to see that. You know what’s different about Hollow Da Don? He can take anything that’s inside this room right now and make a dope-ass freestyle out about it. I’ve seen him do it on many different occasions. Hollow Da Don and King Los—they’re a match made in heaven. I wanna see Hollow Da Don and King Los battle it out next Total Slaughter. I wanna see Mistah F.A.B. Mistah F.A.B. is a dope-ass improvisational rapper. I would love to see him inside Total Slaughter. He deserved to be.

There was a couple of motherfuckers on Total Slaughter who was not supposed to be there. Can I say their names? I didn’t wanna see Cortez on Total Slaughter. I didn’t wanna see Math Hoffa on Total Slaughter. Big T my man, but I didn’t wanna see him on there. You know why? ‘Cause I beat Big T. Who else I didn’t wanna see on there that was on there? Daylyt? Argh! I wanted to see Daylyt on Total Slaughter, but Daylyt dropped the ball on Total Slaughter. Like even when I got fired from Total Slaughter, Daylyt even put me inside one of his rhymes on Total Slaughter when he versed Arsonal. And he said, “I’m coming after all you wack niggas / It was over before it even started / Jack Thriller.” Like it was over for me before the show even started. And that’s what he said. Yeah, he did great on there. Daylyt fucked up on that show. He could’ve still did the antics and shit. He could’ve still did the skit, but you gotta do that shit at the end of your shit. You gotta do that the last 30 seconds. You gotta have bars before that. That’s the only reason why you fucked up, ‘cause you didn’t put the bars in line on that Total Slaughter. And that’s why you lost. You’re dope as fuck. Daylyt is gonna be the future of battle rap. He’s gonna be the Stone Cold Steve Austin/The Rock. He takes chances, and he’s not afraid. He’s gonna win. I wanna see him back on there. 

I would love to see Daylyt battle… Lloyd Banks. It sounds unorthodox, but we haven’t seen Lloyd Banks in a minute, but one thing we do know about Lloyd Banks is that he’s a marksman. He has great improvisational skills. He’s a freestyler. And I think that he could stand up inside of that shit. And he know how to get at motherfuckers. Remember what he said about Master P and the motherfucking No Limit shoes? Yeah, “The Punchline King.” I’d love to see him battle. Who else that actually show up to them battles? Who? Damn. Who’s a dope-ass freestyle motherfucker? Cassidy. You’re not doing shit in your career right now, get inside battle rap. That’s what’s gonna resurrect you from the dead. Cassidy.

HipHopDX: Where does Lupe Fiasco fall?

Jack Thriller: Lupe Fiasco is from Chicago, right?

HipHopDX: Yeah. Where does he fall in your rank? Would you like to see him? He went at Dizaster on Twitter.

Jack Thriller: He went at him on Twitter, but I ain’t heard him rap against nobody before. I never heard him. It’s one thing to say something or call somebody out, but it’s a different thing to goddamn lyrically assassinate them. Even Canibus—when he went at LL Cool J—I was probably like 13 or 14 when that shit happened. And I was at home like, “That shit was wack.” And this was me at 14. Then when he actually came to Battle Rap and battled, who was?

HipHopDX: Dizaster.

Jack Thriller: It was Dizaster

HipHopDX: Yeah.

Jack Thriller: He was wack! So the 14 year old me—and I’m 32 now—saw that this motherfucker was fresh out the bull’s ass when he did that shit. I don’t know if I wanna see Lupe Fiasco battle. Say something about me, Lupe. I’m an easy target. Say something about me. I fuck with you too, shawty. I be kicking and pushing all the time. I can’t skateboard, but I kick and push all the time. And I be feeding chocolate to the fat. He said that in one of his rhymes. I say that to ‘Hov sometime. I be like “Oh, baby you be feeding chocolate to the fat.” 

Jack Thriller Confirms Publicly Disowning Slowbucks After Summer Jam


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HipHopDX: “Slowbucks getting his chain snatched at Summer Jam” 

Jack Thriller: Winslow is my homeboy. When Winslow put up that picture of 50’s son on Instagram and 50 put up that goddamn, shit where he said, “That was a bad idea,” man. That shit made me wanna stop being Slowbucks’ friend. I ain’t even wanna claim him after that. I was like, “Aw this nigga’s gonna die! He’s gonna kill him. Oh my God, Slow.” I wanted to call him and say, “Hey, you know they gonna kill you. Don’t do that.” Summer Jam. Slow shows up at Summer Jam. Ebro, Shawn Pecas and everybody is trying to stop him from getting on stage. They trying to stop him, like, “Hey, no don’t go on there. They just don’t want you on stage. Don’t get on there. Don’t do it.” He got on that stage, man. Like I said, I don’t think 50 had nothing to do with him getting punched on stage. But if he did, and if he did have something to do with it, I wouldn’t have done it. ‘Cause Slow know 50. He know him for years and he know [50] don’t play that. 50 Cent is not a person that you play with. He’s one of the nicest, coolest dude’s on Earth, but you do not play with 50 Cent. Let alone play with his kids.

Didn’t you see Get Rich or Die Tryin’? When Majestic came in there and picked up the baby, and his girl said, “Majestic came by, and he picked up the baby.” And what 50 say? [He said], “Don’t nobody touch my kid. Don’t nobody touch my kid.” That was the same little boy that Slowbucks was in the picture with, doing the “fuck you” thing with.

Man, people don’t be playing that shit. You don’t fuck with nobody’s kids, and you don’t fuck with their money. Slow should’ve never been on that stage. Never. He should’ve never been on that stage. That’s my homeboy, man. I fuck with Slow. Not in public, but I fuck with Slow. You will never see us in public together no more until 50 wants us to be friends again. But I fuck with Slow. I had to turn my back on you just like everybody else did after that shit. Can’t be affiliated. Gotta stay alive. Remember when homeboy, on South Central was like, “Man, gotta stay alive.” 50 would kill me. I can’t be your friend in public, but I fuck with you. We can still text and all that ‘cause can’t nobody see us texting. I will still like your pictures on Instagram, ‘cause nobody can’t see that shit. But I got to wait until after 10 people like the shit first, because it shows people’s name. I can’t do it. I can’t be one of the first 10, Slow. I fuck with you, though. Not in public. When I’m gonna find out that you in public and I’m there too, I’m gonna ignore you. I’m gonna ignore you. Leave that nigga 50 alone. He’ll kill everybody. That nigga, he destroyed me and my grandmama relationship. He called my grandmama a bitch. And my grandmama was like, “You just gonna let him call me a bitch?” I was like, “Was you acting bitchy?” We ain’t talked since. I had to choose 50 over my grandma.

HipHopDX: Were you on stage when it happened.

Jack Thriller: I was offstage when it happened, and I thank God I was. I wouldn’t have known what to do. Had I been on stage, you know what I would’ve did? Nothing. I would act like I didn’t see that shit just like everybody else did. 

How Nick Cannon & Corey Holcomb Brought Jack Thriller To Wild ‘N Out


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HipHopDX: You are on this season of Wild ‘N Out

Jack Thriller: This season of Wild ‘N Out. Season 6, Nick Cannon, thank you.

HipHopDX: How did that happen? 

Jack Thriller: Corey Holcomb is the big black dude on the show. Back in 07, I used to make Corey Holcomb t-shirts for him and shit. This was Season 5 of Wild ‘N Out. He was like “There’s no way I can really repay you for this.” ‘Cause he wasn’t even really doing merchandising then. And I was like, “Yo, I’ll make the shirts for you, man. All I want, is can you get me an audition on Wild ‘N Out?” He called me up one day, he said, “Hey, man, just fly out to L.A.” This was 2007, and I’d never been on a plane before…never been to L.A., or nowhere for that matter. I booked my ticket, I came there and didn’t have nowhere to stay. I hit Corey up I was like, “Yo, man.” I didn’t tell him I had nowhere to stay. I was like, “I’m here.” He couldn’t even believe I came. He got me the little audition with Nick, and Nick was like, “Hey, when Wild ‘N Out comes back, I’ma bring you on.”

So, Wild ‘N Out didn’t come back. I think Nick asked for more money, and he show never came back and after that. He started doing America’s Got Talent. The money goes up for Nick Cannon, and his work goes up. He married Mariah Carey; money goes up. Now, he’s back on top. The demand for Wild ‘N Out is getting crazy. I had just moved to New York in ‘09 and hooked up with 50 Cent. We’re doing all these viral videos and shit. Nick Cannon sees me on the viral videos like, “Hey, that’s that dude that came a couple years ago. Yeah, we gotta keep him in mind. Oh, yeah, who else can we get?” There was another popping guy at the time, too, which was 50 Tyson. They was gonna bring me and 50 Tyson on Wild ‘N Out. But 50 Tyson fucked around and fell off. Season 5 rolls around, and in 2013 Nick hit me up and got me on the show. He said, “I can’t get you the whole season, but I can give you a couple [episodes], ‘cause the MTV crowd, they don’t know if they wanna see a guy with a star in his eye every week on TV. But if you kill it, then you can come back for the whole sixth season.” 

And I killed it. And he brought me back for the whole sixth season, which is this season. It comes on every Wednesday night, so make sure you tune in. We have a lot of great guests. Nick Cannon has been nothing but a brother and a friend to me and take my situation to a whole different level. Whatever he needs, I’m there for him. He’s going out for the Richard Pryor role, and I support him 100%. It ain’t nobody better—not Marlon Wayans, not Mike Epps, not Mos Def, not Terrence Howard. Nick Cannon is the right person for the role. He the only one that ever dressed up, grew his hair out, grew the mustache and even performed in his normal life with his left hand to be Richard Pryor. So that’s why he deserves the role to be the greatest of all time.

HipHopDX: Say that last part again. Performed with his left hand. So he does what now?

Jack Thriller: Richard Pryor was left-handed. So Nick Cannon, is living his life left-handed now to prepare for this role. That’s how hard he’s going. He’s living his life as Richard Pryor. He’s having sex with Mariah Carey as Richard Pryor. Mariah Carey is cheating on Nick Cannon with Richard Pryor. Mariah Carey is Bustin Loose right now. Mariah Carey is living Harlem Nights right now. Mariah Carey knows Jo Jo Dancer firsthand. Mariah Carey is playing with The Toy. Mariah Carey is moving. Mariah Carey is with Richard Pryor live on sunset. Mariah Carey is fucking Mudbone. Wild ‘N Out every Wednesday night.

How Jack Thriller’s Eye Reflects His Childhood Stardom Aspirations 


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HipHopDX: Last question. When’s the first time you put the star in?

Jack Thriller: The first time I put the star in was the first time I had got the glass eye that was cross-eyed. Man, the dude that made my glass eye made me a cross-eyed glass eye. It’s not because he was trying to, it’s just because the technology at that point in time couldn’t get a eye lined up with this other eye. I was like, “I don’t want that shit. The only reason I’m coming to you is become I wanna be a real boy like Pinocchio. And you over here finna give me some shit where people still gonna be talking about me about it? I’d rather have a piece of tissue stuck in this motherfucker than the eye you’re about to give me.” The eye was over here, like it don’t come with a steering wheel on the motherfucker or a parking brake. It was a disrespectful eye. So, to answer your question, I think I was about maybe 17 when I first put the star in, and I never took it out. I wanted something that I didn’t mind people staring at me about. I always saw myself as a star. I’ve always been in the dark, and I always felt like I shined bright, no matter what room I walked into. That’s what the star is about…just as simple as that. Jack Thriller’s a star.

HipHopDX: Was Jack Thriller going to be a comedian at that point? At 16, 17, was he thinking about that?

Jack Thriller: Jack Thriller was thinking about being a comedian at seven. Seven-years-old, maybe even younger than that. Man, I used to get chased home from school every day from kids, ‘cause I was always the cross-eyed kid. I mean kids would be throwing rocks at me and shit. I be fighting four and five guys at the same time, ‘cause I ain’t know how to let you talk about me and get away with it. No matter how big you was, I would say something that I ain’t have no business saying, like, “Well, fuck you then!” Or, “You can kiss my ass!” or, “Yo mama.” And so, I’m fighting the biggest because I could not shut the fuck up. And it got me in a lot of trouble. You ever seen a bus shaking? I was a ping pong ball on the bus, and they were bouncing me around, whooping my ass all over the bus. This was all the way up until like ninth grade and so I was like, “Fuck this shit.” I quit school. I said, “I don’t want to learn shit else. That’s it. I’m outta this motherfucker.”

But my teachers and my mom used to always say, “Yo, just learn how to talk about people back and whatnot and talk about yourself like Richard Pryor did. And that’s how you get people off you.” Yeah, that’ll get people off you, but that still ain’t gonna get everybody from talking about you. And my teacher’s was like, “You’re really funny even though you’re disrupting my class. You should be a comedian.” This is from, like I said, second or third grade all the way on up. And I ended up doing it. I never thought I could do it ‘cause I used to watch Comic View all the time, and you see somebody being funny on stage for like more than five minutes. ‘Cause when you in class and you’re telling the joke in spurts; you just make an outburst and you’re making the class laugh. But it’s different to make a whole room of people laugh consecutively—back-to-back-to-back. 

I knew I could do it ‘cause I got trained for it just growing up. When I actually did get on stage and shit, it was a cakewalk, ‘cause there wasn’t nothing you could say to me that ain’t already been said. It ain’t nothing that you can do to me that ain’t already been did. It was fun to me. It was fun. And that’s why you see me right here. And I’m one of the most successful comedians that don’t have a comedy special out right now. But it’s coming, and when it do come, it’s gonna be right. It’s Kevin [Hart’s] time right now. But guess who’s next? Nigga, me!

HipHopDX: Does it feel like you’re battle rapping? When you’re on stage? 

Jack Thriller: It’s the same thing. I feel like it’s the exact same thing—Battle Rap and being a comedian. You have to remember what your skit is, your sketch is and your lines are. And you have to stay focused, and you can’t let people throw you off even with the heckling and the outbursts. Battle rapping and comedy is cousins. And some of the best battle rappers in the world are hilarious. And I’ma tell you, Loaded Lux is hilarious. Murda Mook, hilarious. We’ve got these things on the phone, being in person. Big T, hilarious. What’s the cat’s name? Calicoe! One of the funniest battle rappers in the world. Daylyt, hilarious. 

Before y’all even seen him punch Math Hoffa, I’m in Sweden with Dizaster in Malmo. I was hosting a Battle Rap show, then, and it was a dude that he had to battle on that show, and he whooped his girlfriend’s ass. Dizaster saw that shit, and he saved the bitch. He went to her boyfriend and started whooping his ass, saying, “What are you doing hitting her? That’s a lady!” He go save her ass. Motherfucker. That’s my dude. He was outta his goddamn mind. He whooped that dude’s ass right before the battle and said something about it in the battle. And he’s in a whole other country. It’s one thing to be in somebody’s hood, but to be in somebody else country? And shit didn’t happen to him. So that’s why I respected him. And I was like, “Yo, this Dizaster dude, he’s the real deal.” So when he did what he did to Math Hoffa, I wasn’t surprised. What I was surprised about is how dope he fought, though. Like, yo, he was back-to-back there, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack. ‘Cause Math Hoffa had already built the persona that, yo, he ain’t the one you supposed to be hitting ‘cause he’ll knock you out. Now I feel like I could beat Math Hoffa’s ass. Am I gonna try? No. ‘Cause I got one eye. If I didn’t have one eye, I’d try. But until then, I’m still scared of you. And I’ma sip some tea to that. But it’s none of my business.


Interview conducted by Justin Hunte


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