Cool is as cool does. Lupe Fiasco has demonstrated a new kind of cool in Hip Hop since appearing alongside Kanye West in “Touch The Sky” in what feels like a lot longer ago than it really is. Having freshly released his sophomore album The Cool, this Chicago emcee only furthers what ’80s John Hughes high school movies hinted at, “cool” might truly be another word for “nerdy.”

With an album that’s already climbing “best of” lists [click here], playlists and presumably the charts, Lupe Fiasco has a lot to say about the long, strange trip it’s been. With his label backed up in distribution issues, its CEO goes back in to re-initiate his 1st & 15th movement that had been patiently waiting since 2004. He’s touching on more influences in the gestalt of his art, defining abstract terms and elitism in Hip Hop. Fifteen years after the rebirth of slick, HipHopDX and Lupe examine the rebirth of cool.

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