Dizaster recently discussed the status of a potential battle with Math Hoffa. In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, the Los Angeles, California-resident says that Math Hoffa reneged on a promise to battle in LA and is now only willing to schedule a matchup in New York City.

Watch the exclusive video below.

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“I can definitely get bigger matchups than Math,” Dizaster says. “For me [battling Math] makes sense because me and him have history. I don’t like him. It’s weird because I want to like the dude but he just gives you 1,000 reasons why not to all the time. Right now he’s supposed to come to LA and battle. He said he was gonna battle me. He got banged on by a bunch of motherfuckers. Then shit changed and now he doesn’t want to battle because he’s the big bully in the yard until the bigger guy shows up and he doesn’t want to play anymore. Now he wants to go home and take his fucking ball with him.

“All we’re tryna do is rap, though,” Dizaster continues. “This shit’s been happening all day today. We’ve been going back and forth on Twitter. At first it was like, ‘I’ll see you in Cali, dog.’ Now he texts me like, ‘Yo, go hit up [Poison Pen].’ He’s tryna set up a battle on some small shit with his friends in New York because he’s so scared he won’t even get on King Of The Dot. It’s crazy.”

Dizaster Questions Why Math Hoffa Punched Serius Jones & Not Daylyt

Dizaster reiterated his position that any battle between the two will need to take place on the West Coast. He also questioned Hoffa’s reasoning in deciding to sucker punch Serius Jones during SMACK/URL’s Summer Madness 3 [September 2013], but not Daylyt—who intentionally spilled water on Hoffa’s shoes during Rap Battle Network’s BarFest 01 at Youtube Space Los Angeles [June 2013].

“That shows you the negative energy in Battle Rap,” he says. “But why do this shit to people when, at the end of the day, you’re a rapper, too, and you wanna do this shit? Why are you tryna prove that you can punch people outside of this shit? If you wanna punch people, then go fucking fight!

“He has to come here because the last time you came to LA, you got water spilled all over you,” Dizaster continues. “He made an excuse and said, ‘Yo, I was tryna conduct myself. We was at Youtube with White people.’ That’s what you was thinking of? Really? How about your people that have been putting you on forever? It’s OK to knock their whole event, but these strangers, you’ve gotta have their back? And you and I both know that if someone is spilling water all over you, you’re not Einstein. You’re not thinking five million miles per second. You’re thinking about either you punch him or not! You’re getting marked out! Either do something, or you’re not going to. It’s the only thing going through your mind when you’re getting water spilled all over you.

“Math chose to not do anything, which is a smart thing,” Dizaster says. “But in his head, he feels like he’s a pussy because he didn’t. That’s the mentality that he has, which is why he doesn’t want to battle me in LA. What people don’t understand is that he can’t be himself if he battled me in LA, so he’d rather not do the battle. This is what type of dude he is. He wants to be able to threaten you and make you feel like when you go outside, him and his goons are gonna get you. That’s part of Math. When he shows up he’s like, ‘Hoffa, doggie! I got my doggies from Brooklyn!’ But if you strip that from Math, he doesn’t have anything. If he knows he can’t do that to me, fuck the battle. What kind of bullshit is that?”

Dizaster and Math Hoffa will be featured in Slaughterhouse’s recently announced Battle Rap reality show, Total Slaughter.

A video of Math Hoffa’s battle with Serius Jones during SMACK/URL’s Summer Madness 3 is available below.


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