1. anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.
  2. “I realized I was a lifelong sufferer of FOMO”

Urban dictionary definition: The fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great.

My definition: DON’T MISS THE EVENT.

Luckily, I’m here to provide you with all things you’ve missed, in this popping city of Los Angeles. My name is Shirley Ju, and I live, breathe, sleep Hip Hop. Coming from the Bay, I grew up to the hyphy movement. That being said, turning up is all I know. This will be a weekly recap of the dope events that I myself felt like I couldn’t miss, and you guys wish you were at.

Thursday, March 16

It’s March 16, which means Murs day. This is in light of his Murs 3:16 album. You a real one if you fuck with Murs.

It also means day two of this SXSW madness. I’m so here for it, though. This is my life. And I love it. After working as media, I really don’t think I could hang as a festival-goer anymore lmao. Not at all in a bougie way. Just the turn up is too real. And I don’t party. But I do smoke, and I forgot my bud again. Actual tears.

#TheCoolKids reunion ?????? Thanks for chopping it up with us! #SXSW

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My first stop of the day was at the House of Vans at Mohawk to interview one of the best rap duos to ever do it: The Cool Kids. It was late in the afternoon, which means the party was well under way. This was the perfect spot to kick back. I saw Chuck Inglish at The Roxy recently, but have never met Sir Michael Rocks. I was so excited to tell him how much I fuck with his track “Bussin” with Casey Veggies and Iamsu! Literally on repeat for a week.

#THECOOLKIDS REUNION. ?????? #sxsw #austin

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Honestly, I wasn’t expecting them to talk as much as they did lmao. Chuck Inglish for real chatted up my ear. It was great. The Cool Kids are fucking reuniting. That’s epic. If you guys don’t know, listen to “Gold and a Pager.” They make straight bangers. Excited for this interview to drop.

Just interviewed Houston legend #BunB at the #GrammyTX Block Party at #SXSW ?

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Surprisingly, we wrapped up in the niche of time. 20-minute walk to catch Bun B at the Four Seasons Hotel. This was the Grammys Block Party presented by The Recording Academy. Holy hell, felt like I was back at The Grammys again. Huge thanks to Cheyenne for assisting, I was about to interview a damn legend: Bun B. I am not worthy.

This shit was bougie, in the best way haha. Very exclusive, which always makes me feel honored to be there. Free drinks, music, and food. Everyone there was somebody. The lineup included the headliner Bun B alongside Hanson, Randy Rogers Band and Los Super Seven. Legendary. Super cool they had the legends of multiple genres. We arrive just in time to catch him on the red carpet, against this amazing backdrop.

Man, Bun was just the sweetest. I love Houston rappers lmao. Their accent. He was so real. He said he wanted all his grandkids to be legends. I wonder if they bump their grandpa’s music lmao. His generation versus their generation. He’s also putting out new music, so we chatted about how music has evolved. Also, he deleted all his social media. Man, what a bold move.

Next one our agenda: The #REVOLTHouse at Vulcan Gas Company. This might be the most crackin’ showcase I’ve been to yet. The outside spoke for itself. Literally, it was at capacity. The entrance was a zoo. Event artists were having trouble getting in. Huge thanks to Yazid and Chloe with Revolt for pulling us inside. My entire goal mission (today) was to catch Ro James. I was instantly a fan after his show at The Roxy.

What they don’t tell you about this side of business, is the struggle (sometimes) getting the interview. We waited a couple hours for it to actually commence. Luckily, the homies rolled through to keep us company. I didn’t even care who was performing. We were hanging out by the Orbit station in the corner. Literally, Orbit for everyone. I took five packs home lmao. When we finally got word that we would be doing it after his set, I was ready. So ready, I followed Ro and his people upstairs when no one was responding to my texts lmao.

#rojames thank you so much for rocking with me at #revolthouse ?????? #sxsw #austin

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I was definitely worried about lighting because Young M.A’s interview last night turned out to be too dark. Improvise: use the photo booth light lmao. He’s an R&B singer who has been making music for ten years, who finally caught his break. I respect his story a lot. He finally got nominated for a Grammy this past year for his single “Permission.” Great record.

#RoJames and #Dreezy at the #REVOLTHouse ??? #SXSW

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Ro James’ energy was all in. He just seemed so happy and lit to be where he was in that moment. I had to compliment him on his outfit too. He was on some fly shit. We had a great convo. Shout out to Dreezy coming through to rock with Revolt. I was excited to see her again.


Hello, Viceland Bus.

Next up: the #VicelandBus. Huge thanks to Inge for hooking it up with the VIP treatment. This was just the pit stop before the main attraction: Lil Wayne headlining the Mass Appeal #LiveAtThe BBQ showcase. This was about to be legendary.

I live for photo passes lmao. First up was Dave East. I literally had to push to see this set for V. She knows why lmao <3. I literally just interviewed his in-house production duo Buda & Grandz over the phone. They’re so dope.

Dave got the swag. During his performance of “Don Pablo,” I notice his Givenchy crewneck sweater, the Louis Vuitton wallet clutch hanging from his belt buckles, and his Gucci shoes. He did a killer freestyle to end his set which name-dropped the Gucci kicks. I’d love to interview him lmao.

HELLO MOTHAFUCKA HEY HI HOW YA DOIN. ??? #lilwayne is the greatest #rapper alive. ?? #sxsw #weezy

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Statik Selektah did an excellent job of reminding the crowd they could stream this on Tidal lmao. Man. Lil Wayne just killed everything lmao. He literally came out to this track and I died. Literally, I was so turnt. “I’m Going In” was literally my life.

#LilWayne giving praise to the man above. ?? #SXSW #VicelandBus

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Weezy F Baby, please say the baby. Someone commented that he does this at every show. So? It is a great reminder, always. Gotta give it up to the man above.

“A Milli” was unreal. His energy was incredible. Young Money for life.

Friday, March 17

One hour sleep. Let’s go. Day three of SXSW madness. My first event of the day was to speak with Chicago’s own G Herbo. I saw him at the XXL Freshman show in Hollywood, and just remember how much my girl was trippin’ lmao. He’s a cutie. Someone asked me later who my favorite artist I spoke with was, and I would have to say, Herb. I really saw the goodness of his heart during our talk. 

Thanks for rocking with us #GHerbo ✊? Exclusive interview coming soon. #SXSW

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Huge thanks to Theresa with Stache Media for making this happen. We met at The Hyatt Regency in the late morning to try to catch Herbert (his real name) before he heads out for the day. It’s so crazy to me. All these artists have like 10 different places they need to get each day. I’d be so stressed if I was their manager or publicist. Being late for one thing pushes back the next, which pushes back the next. 

One word to describe G Herbo: humble. Which is coincidentally the name of his debut album, Humble Beast. I really enjoyed chopping it up with him. He’s someone who grew up on the streets of Chicago and got out. A real inspiration for the kids. At the end of the interview, he spoke on how much he values taking a picture with a fan. It takes two seconds and could change their life <3.

This next part of my day was spontaneous, unexpected, and needed. Seriously. Thank you, Taylor Marie. She hit me last night about her client The Witch Doctor. I was with my homeboy at Revolthouse last night and he actually told me he’d been following her for a year. He wanted Miryam to finish his sleeve. Yo, peep her IG. This girl is lit. Her minimum rate is $400+ an hour. And she doesn’t do no bullshit small tattoos lmao. So this was literally the golden opportunity.


Only the beginning.

This was a tattoo party, equipped with free food and mimosas, and tats. Yes. This was the best invite I’ve ever received: Miryam would be doing small tattoos on us for the free. We just had to tip. For some reason, when I had agreed last night, I didn’t think it would actually happen. We mobbed from the Hyatt straight to this cute little home 20 minutes out, that had an Escalade in the driveway. Come to find out the Airbnb came with the whip. Say what lmao. The moment I met Miryam I was in love. She’s one of those people whose presence just makes you be like, damn. You lit lmao.


The Witch Doctor.

Shout out to the domestic women in the building. We had a damn feast. Their homegirl literally was breading chicken from scratch with her grandma’s secret recipe. They enjoyed tequila sunrises and mimosas while we kept the bud in rotation. I knew what I wanted to get, but I was literally having a panic attack. I have zero pain tolerance. On the real, I was scared lmao.

This was the best part. Mid-sesh, I look back and see Miryam pointing a gun (in the shape of her hands) and pretend shooting me. She called me a little bitch later lmao. I’ll take it. I was screaming and squirming. That shit hurt. I was mentally trying so hard to convince myself I was cool lmao, as I squeeze the blood out of Taylor’s hands. I’ve been wanting this for almost two years now. This moment was priceless: out here at SXSW in Austin, turning up with one of the most lit tattoo artists in the game. I literally had to.

I got a (queen) crown, inspired by a Jadakiss line in Curren$y’s “Pot Jar.” “Every day above ground is a chess move. Don’t let the little things stress you.” I was going through hell and this line spoke volumes to me. I wanted to get a queen chess piece, but the crown meant a little bit more. My homeboy got the dopest piece on his arm. It was like an astronaut man and reminded me of Kid Cudi so much.

#CyhiThePrynce played us his new album ??? #SXSW

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Man, I was sad to leave lmao. But I had to make it to my next one: G.O.O.D. Music’s CyHi The Prynce. Thanks, Theresa again for coordinating, she’s the realist. We head to the J.W. Marriott and make our way inside the Corner restaurant. Free food and drinks, again. I could get used to this. Cue Drake and Future.

#cyhitheprynce said he's the best rapper. his new album go hard though ???#austin #sxsw

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Okay, CyHi was turnt lmao. And feeling himself (in a good way). He would not get off his IG Live. We heard some of his new album No Dope Sundays, and it was fire. He honestly can spit. He’s one of those rappers we have hope in to deliver that real Hip Hop. He definitely repeatedly kept saying he’s the best rapper. If he was in a room with the top 20, he said he was top three lmao. I can’t.

Posted at the Convention Center right now. My girl is passed the fuck out lmao right next to me. She literally pulled an all-nighter to see Sway this morning. So much respect for that. After all that (SXSW), she deserved to try Whataburger, which is apparently the In N Out of the Southern United States. She wasn’t impressed lmao. Time to recoup. Let’s get it.

Saturday, March 18

Excuse my vulgarness. But literally, Austin doesn’t have Uber. It literally doesn’t make sense to me. They have every other rideshare app but Uber. And the prices are absolutely ridiculous. It cost us so much each day to get to the festival and back. It sadly played a huge factor the things we could attend. Today was our last day or fourth of a day. Our flights were in the afternoon but we had to make one stop.

One of the last photos taken of #Biggie before he was shot.

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This was the Tribute to The Notorious B.I.G. Art Installation & Shoe Reveal presented by My Mixtapez & Jordan Brand Present, at the My Mixtapez House at SXSW with special performances by The LOX & Christian Combs. Tbh, I really wanted to catch Jada and tell him about my tattoo yesterday. But we weren’t able to stay long enough. Tear. Check out this unreleased photo of Big as a kid, though. So dope.

Unreleased photo of #Biggie ?????? #SXSW

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Shouts out to Sasha and Mari for putting this together. Not sure there was anywhere else I’d rather be at 1 p.m. on a Saturday at SXSW. This was an exhibit showcasing unreleased pictures of the Notorious B.I.G. Even better- the DJ was dropping all the classics. And then, my homeboy pointed out that was Wayne Burrow right in front of me, taking a photo opp. That’s Biggie’s former manager. Holy shit.

#WeMissYouBig #Big4Life? #Brooklyn4Life #BadBoy4Life #GoneButNever4Gotten to all those we lost…photo credit @lycruz2

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I couldn’t believe I was in a room with him lmao. Shit got real. And then I was introduced to James Cruz, the President of Bad Boy, as well as Puff’s manager. Another incredible human being in the room. I later spoke with both of them for an audio interview. Just when I thought work was over lmao jk. I prefer this. Huge thanks to them- they were with their families but super down to speak with me, which warmed my heart.

Peace out Austin. I was so sad because I thought I had a nonstop flight to LAX, but nope. Layover in Denver. I had the exit row both ways, which actually turned out to be Economy Plus. That puts me one level above basic lmao. Real talk, though, they made us agree we were able and willing to help out in the case of an emergency. That’s real.


Shout out to my homeboy Michael for this invite. He’s so dope, and just got this amazing opportunity and I’m so, so excited for him. He hit me a couple weeks back saying his homie was throwing this fashion launch party, and it was going to be lit. He honestly had me at fashion. This was the official brand launch party for NORWOOD, presenting their FW//17 collection. It started at 7 p.m. and I landed at 9 p.m., so I wasn’t sure I’d make it.


The NORWOOD mansion.

Best believe I hustled. I pull up to the NORWOOD HOUSE on the Sunset Strip, right at the start of the Hollywood Hills. Holy shit. This was a mansion. A mansion that had “NORWOOD” printed on the double glass doors at the front. Literally, glorious. This was grown man shit. I instantly fall in love with Eshil, who was handling the list, and Eugene, who showed me all they had to offer. There was tacos, drinks, and a whole lot of fashion.


Fall collection.

Not only fashion displayed but everyone there was trendy AF. My kind of party lmao. I was introduced to Ali, the owner of the clothing brand. You could tell by the way he was dressed he knew style. I mean shit, look where his clothing brand is being held: this 14 million dollar estate. Yeah, you winning by default lmao.


Chapter 1.

NORWOOD is definitely high-end menswear. Forever wishing I was a dude so I could rock swag 24/7. I asked Ali the significance behind Norwood. He said he was in Paris, France, and the first street he lived on when he came to L.A. was Norwood. Adorable lmao.

had to pull up to the #norwood mansion ??? #losangeles you give me #morelife lmao ❣

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I was super excited to run into my girl too. She’s a sweetheart. You know we had to talk about More Life. After she dipped, I had to light up and recruited the squad lmao. We were instructed to go out front to the stairs. No smoking on the premises, per the owner. I get it. The moment I saw that gorgeous blue pool at the top of the steps in the middle of the elevated backyard, I got it lmao.

I was really happy to be back haha. Austin’s cool, but SXSW was just a lot. On my way home, I mobbed over to my brother’s to say him and his friends (and pick up a phone charger lmao). I love them.