Los Angeles, CA

It’s a cool Wednesday night at The Echo on Sunset Blvd. and Dreezy is about to headline her first show in Los Angeles; a city she now calls home. Born and raised out of the South Side of Chicago, this was no easy move for the 22-year-old. Although there’s, as they say…no place like home, she’s knows she’s in the right place, doing exactly what she loves: making music.

After walking through The Echo’s swanky corridors, we were led backstage and upstairs into a crowded room. This was definitely the turn-up before the show, as the room itself was a giant hotbox. Inside we find Seandrea Sledge, calm and collected, surrounded by all her people. The ever talented singer/songwriter PJ was also posted up as she was set to take the stage. Fans got way more than they bargained for at the show. In between her own solo records, Dreezy brought out K Camp, Kamaiyah, and Jeremih to the stage for cameos. Not a bad look for your first headlining gig.

Being a female MC herself, the topic of female MCs unavoidable but she’s comfortable in discussing. “I just want to represent for females, and give a whole another perspective just for the ladies. We don’t got a lot of options out there. The more, the better. We got more people to speak up for us,” Dreezy tells HipHopDX.

We also asked what sets her apart from the others. She replied, “I like Hip Hop. As far as the beats that I use, I got a whole Hip Hop sound. From the Midwest, you can tell. I get real. I get gritty. I’m from Chicago. I just got different life experiences.”

Yo body on my body baby. ? @dreezydreezy @jeremih

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Catching Bodies: Jeremih showed up to perform “Body,” which was Dreezy’s first to crack into the Billboard 100.

Dreezy’s experience growing up in Chi-town has everything to do with where she is today (signed to Interscope, her debut albumNo Hard Feelings physically in stores, accomplishing a lifelong dream by working with Gucci Mane). “You gotta grow up at an early age.” To distract from her home life and turmoils of the city, she turned to writing.

Still, it’s hard to dodge said turmoils as she recalls how she escaped with her life last time she went home.

“Just being outside in a restaurant…me and my friend Dae Dae…we just got done eating and I’m putting the address in [the GPS] to go to the next stop and they blew out bus stop next to us,” she says.

“It was all glass…I get to pulling off…we driving this muthafucka trying to curve around; crazy shit. That’s the second shootout I’ve been in.”

Still, with a new project on the horizon, the grind can’t stop, won’t stop. She reveals Southside and 808 Mafia will contribute production to her next EP and she guarantees it to be lyrically lit.

Watch above as HipHopDX keeps the convos going with ex-boyfriends, smoking that KK with Wiz Khalifa, her decision signing with Interscope, and who she bumps on her own time.