Lil B has responded to Bun B’s assertion that Pimp C started “The Cooking Dance.”

@TMZ I admire and respect bun b fully and appreciate him and pimp c more then ever but on the Lil B cooking dance he is misinformed – Lil B,” the Bay Area rapper writes on Twitter.

Bun B responded, saying he retains his stance.

“I respectfully agree to disagree with @lilbthebasedgod on this issue,” Bun B writes. “But it’s all love on both sides.”

(This article was first published today [November 19] at 2:00 p.m. PST and is as follows.)

Lil B has been very protective of “The Cooking Dance.” He placed the BasedGod curse on Houston Rockets guard James Harden for not giving him proper credit for the dance.

Yesterday, after the Rockets fired head coach Kevin McHale, the rapper said it was a result of the curse.

Bun B says that Lil B should not be the one demanding credit for the cooking dance.

“I’ve known Lil B since he was in the Pack,” the Houston rapper says to TMZ. “I support him musically. But we don’t buy into that because we know that Pimp C created [the cooking dance], not Lil B. We don’t stand for that.”

Pimp C’s widow is preparing the release of Long Live the Pimp, which is slated for a December 4 release and features Bun B.

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