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Ice-T Says "Art Of Rap" Is Not An Attack On Pop Rap, Reveals Why No Younger Artists Are Featured

Exclusive: Hip Hop's original gangster discusses his first foray into film-making, why your local weather man inspired his movie and why he couldn't call Kendrick Lamar to appear in it.


Dres Declares Jarobi's Rhyming Debut "Light Years Ahead" Of Q-Tip's, Jarobi Reveals Real Reason For Leaving Rap

Exclusive: Dres and Jarobi explain their evolution into evitaN, share Chi-Ali's post-prison plans, and reveal the fate of the Native Tongues crew as a whole.


Soulja's Story: 10 Hip Hop Artists Who Served Their Country

To mark Memorial Day, we examine the service backgrounds of a now malice-free emcee, Young Jeezy's comrade and several other often overlooked soldiers turned spitters.


Killer Mike Explains His Comparison Of Barack Obama To Ronald Reagan, His Brotherly Bond With El-P

Exclusive: Mike Bigga breaks down his bromance with El Producto and clarifies his Reagan/Obama analogy before declaring "if you don't vote for Obama this time you're a fuckin' race traitor."


Lecrae Clarifies His "Gimme A Second" Line About Jay-Z & Lil Wayne, Details Spiritual Advisor Role To No Malice

Exclusive: The "young Dr. Martin Luther King" dissects his Church Clothes mixtape, its attack on religious and Hip Hop hypocrisy and superstars who only rap "about the same ol' thang."


C-Bo Calls Snoop Dogg And Dr. Dre "Vultures" For Using Tupac Hologram, Reveals 'Pac's Warning About Death Row

Exclusive: The Mob Father revisits his time with Tupac and explains his disgust with artists using his friend postmortem "to suck blood from a corpse."


Mac Mall Discusses His Controversial New "Rebellion" And Its Attack On President Obama

Exclusive: Mac Mall looks back at Tupac the video director. He also explains his firey assault on the powers that be and why he believes Barack Obama is "just a chocolate-covered" George W. Bush.


Diggy Simmons Breaks Down "Unforgivable Blackness" And Why He's One Of The Last Real Emcees

Exclusive: Hu$tle Simmons discusses the much talked about track from his debut LP, "Unexpected Arrival" regarding race and class and its declaration by Diggy to be the last of a dying breed.


Silkk The Shocker Reacts To Mystikal's Cash Money Signing, Compares C-Murder's Case To Trayvon Martin

Exclusive: One-third of TRU shares his feelings on Mystikal joining Cash Money Records and discusses the documentary about the handling of his big brother's murder case.


AZ Discusses Eminem's "Infinite," His Unfinished Tracks With Nas And "Cristal Competition" With The Notorious B.I.G.

Exclusive: AZ The Visualiza reveals if he's ever heard Eminem's emulation of him and if he and Nas have finally reunited on wax, before recalling his game of drunken Monopoly with Biggie Smalls.


David Banner Speaks About The Lack Of Fear And Respect In Response To Trayvon Martin's Murder And His "2M1 Movement"

Exclusive: David Banner discusses his new donation-driven business model and how themes he first spoke about in "Swag" tie into the current commentary on the murder of Trayvon Martin.


Chamillionaire Says Of His Artist Peers: "I Understand Why They Lie," And Reveals What Really Drove Him To Leave Universal Records

Exclusive: Chamillionaire gives up some serious game about the "smoke and mirrors" of the music business and details his own recent lessons learned in regards to industry rule #4080.


MC Lyte Responds To Tyler, The Creator's "Dykes" Diss And Discusses Her Motivational Memoir

Exclusive: One of Hip Hop's female G.O.A.T.s discusses the Odd Future front-man's "irresponsible" usage of her name and her plans to release two books documenting her historic life and career.


Chuck D Explains How Bill Clinton Ruined Radio And Why You Have No Choice But To Re-Elect Barack Obama

Exclusive: P.E. #1 continues his powerful conversation with DX, breaking down a former President's "cancerous" blow to radio and a current President's "default" need to be re-elected.


Chuck D Explains Why Suing The Notorious B.I.G. Was "Stupid" And Why Jay-Z And Kanye West's Bases Are "Corrupt To Rap"

Exclusive: One of the most powerful voices in Rap history speaks about his face-to-face interactions (and legal entanglement) with Biggie and elaborates on his recent tweets aimed at The Throne.


"You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)" Producer, Jiv Pos, Shares His Memories Of The Notorious B.I.G.

Exclusive: The beatmaker behind the last track on Biggie's last official album explains the song's two versions and reveals that Big didn't speak about his then beef with Tupac.


Big K.R.I.T. Clarifies His Intentions With "Handwriting" And Reveals If He Will Be Hip Hop's "Marcus Dupree"

Exclusive: The motivational music maker discusses "4eva N A Day," including the tape's most talked-about track, and whether or not he intends to metaphorically become "The Best That Never Was."


Too Short Says There Was An Industry-Wide Plot To Shut Down Conscious Hip Hop

Exclusive: Short says Jive Records pushed him to be exclusively nasty and that the major labels plotted to keep positive Rap off the radio airwaves. He also explains the Dangerous Crew's disbanding.


Lords Of The Underground Reveal Plans To Pursue French Montana For Publishing, Say "Diddy Will Do The Right Thing"

Exclusive: With the recent release of the "Shot Caller" remix, DoItAll gives the Lords' thoughts on the rebirth of their "Funky Child" and what this new life means for the group's future.


Bizarre Announces Split From D12, Reveals If He Plans To Stop Stalking Nicki Minaj

Exclusive: The leader of the "Weirdo Movement" breaks the news of his bouncing from D12 and explains his "open relationship" with Nicki Minaj.


MC Shan Recalls Laughing At Rakim And Squabbin' With LL Cool J, And Exposes The Label And Producer Profiting From His Classic Material

Exclusive: The Q.B. O.G. talks about his time as Nas before Nas, including recollections of encounters with Rakim, L.L. Cool J, KRS-One and his Juice Crew cohorts.

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