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Get Your Mind Right: The (Absolute) Best Verse Ever

After 'Ye and Jay got ranked, Dr. Dre, Queen Latifah and Black Thought get looks, but Nasty Nas holds the throne. Which verse?


Get Your Mind Right: The Best Verse Ever #2

Mr. West checks in with a verse that might surprise you, or reconsider the merits of the L.V. Don.


Industry 101: Remo Da Rapstar

This Justo Mixtape Award-winner from New York also runs one of the leading mixtape distribution houses, get the scoop.


Get Your Mind Right: The Best Verse Ever

Hip Hop scholar Brian Sims breaks down the brilliance of Jay-Z's "Get By remix" verse in the wake of Soulja Boy v. Ice-T.


Industry 101: James DuBose

The man who brought Keyshia Cole and Hell Date to TV is working with Diddy and founding a new powerhouse label.


Get Your Mind Right: The Future Of Hip Hop

What are studies telling us about where Hip Hop is really headed? And where will YOU be in all of it?


Industry 101: Wendy Goldstein

The woman who signed The Roots, Common and Mos Def to Geffen explains two decades of experience and skills vs. sales.


Charles Burnett: The Big Picture

The first African American independent filmmaker, Charles Burnett (Killer of Sheep, Glass Shield) breaks down Hollywood, burning or not.


Get Your Mind Right: Shout Out To Michael Eric Dyson

With a new book out, Michael Eric Dyson's perspectives on Hip Hop's evolution sprinkled some wisdom on Brian Sims, PhD.


Get Your Mind Right: Underground Vs. Mainstream

A look at what Soundscan doesn't want you to know, advertising and the things that make talented emcees superstars.


Industry 101: Memphitz

Jive Records' VP of A&R "MeMpHiTz" learned young, but he learned fast. Read about Pimp C giving game and Huey and T-Pain.


Get Your Mind Right: The Beyonce Dilemma

A look at race vs. racial identity, and a specific look at the difference between Beyonce and a strong black woman.


Industry 101: Rocco Valdes

T-Pain's manager began as a Def Jam go-fer. Read how one goes to New York with 300 dollars and comes out a mogul-to-be.


Shaun Livingston: Soul In The Hole

The Los Angeles Clippers' 6'7" point guard talks about crosstown rivalries, charity, and going from high school to pro.


Get Your Mind Right: Hip Hop and Gangs

How is it that in real life gangs are ugly, but on MTV they are glorious? What does Blood and Crip really stand for? Gotta read this!


Industry 101: Conrad Dimanche

The Senior A&R at Bad Boy explains his day-to-day, addresses critics, and tells you why he's checking your Myspace, maybe.


Get Your Mind Right: College Thug Syndrome

Can one be corporate and thug at the same time? It


Buttahman: The New Era Of MTV

Wanna get a job at MTV but don't know how? Neither does Buttahman, who is one of the minds behind MTV Jams. Get schooled younguns...


Get Your Mind Right: Obesity In Hip Hop

Is being fat all that? Is Monique's celebration of fat girls something to be proud of or something much more deadly? R.I.P. Big Pun...


Industry 101: Damon Elliot

The Greatest Producer You Never Heard Of schools you on the biz, airs out a certain producer and speaks on suckas who aren't really writing.


Wise Intelligent - Talented Timothy Taylor

All that intellect, er, intelligence seems a bit wasted. For one, the lyrics are way tighter than the delivery. It's like eating a gourmet meal that's gotten cold. For two, he's pretty serious. I guess there's lots to think about.

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