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Dr. Dre disses Jermaine Dupri

There have been further rumors that Dre and Timbaland will do a track against Dupri if they ever get their "Chairmen Of The Boards" album rolling.


Talib Kweli Preps Solo

Prior to the albums' release, Kweli will tour with Blackalicious and KRS-One for a month, starting this Thursday in order to promote his solo debut release.


Foxy Brown to Join Bad Boy?

With the many problems Foxy has been having with her current label, Def Jam Records, well the rumor is that Bad Boy Records boss, Sean Combs is keen to sign Foxy.


A 50-Cent Album

The album titled "Guess Who's Back" will feature some freestyles, older joints, mixtape tracks and brand new tracks.


Campaign to find Biggie's killer

There are plans to in setting up informant websites for the public to post anything they know about the murder, one of these sites being


Master P

Since 1999 Baker had approached P and demanded that he receive a recording contract and funding for a movie.


Kool Mo Dee to return?

Although he's currently focusing on his movie career and writing scripts for movies, he says that we may well hear some music from him sometime this year.


Slick Rick

He's currently recorded half of the album and thus far hasn't recorded any tracks with any big name producers.


Eastsidaz 3rd Album: Coming Soon

Before the much anticipated release of the East Sidaz Album #3 Tray Deee will release a solo joint called...


Remy Martin Speaks On NiNa

When asked about Death Row female rapper Nina aka Left Eye, Remy replies quickly and said that as far as she is concerned Left Eye was "Dead Wack" when she was in TLC.

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