Punchline and metaphor king, Chino XL will be appearing in two movies this summer. Expect him to appear in a film titled “Crime Partners”, a movie in which he stars alongside the likes of Ja Rule, Clifton Powell and Ice-T. Chino XL will also appear in another movie called “Barrio Wars” and it doesn’t end there. Apparently, a lot of Hollywood Talent agents are after Chino XL after he impressed behind directors the camera. Could this be the beginning of a new career for one of the industry’s most underrated hip-hop artists?

However, Chino’s ever-growing portfolio in the movie industry hasn’t drawn him away from his music. Chino will drop three new tracks for the soundtrack for his upcoming film, “Gang Tapes”. Watch out for that on June 14th, with his third album, “Poison Pen” to drop later in the year.