It looks like Dr. Dre has retaliated to comments Jermaine Dupri made last year in regards of ‘who is the best producer in the game’.

Dupri had said a few negative things against Dre and Timbaland in an issue of XXL magazine and Dre has not held back in dissing the SoSoDef supremo on the B/Side of Eminem’s latest single, “Without Me”. On the track “What you say?”

Dre basically tells Dupri to f**k himself and also calls him a ‘mini-me’ during the track. However, both parties have also claimed that all this is just a little bit of ‘friendly competition’ between the two-production maestros’s.

In addition to this, there have been further rumors that Dre and Timbaland will do a track against Dupri if they ever get their “Chairmen Of The Boards” album rolling.