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    Cam'ron Sells Juelz Santana To Def Jam For $2 Million

    With Dipset controversy still around, it is revealed that Juelz Santana's contract has been sold to Def Jam.


    Last Day For HHDX Killer Mike Contest Submissions!

    Today is the last day to get your remix submissions in for the Killer Mike remix contest! Get those submissions in!


    Antonio Margarito TKOs Miguel Cotto, De La Hoya Next?

    There's a reason why Floyd Mayweather Jr and Shane Mosley passed on big paydays to fight Antonio Margarito. Saturday's fight was the proof.


    DXclusive: Did Trick Daddy Leak Rick Ross Pictures?

    Trick exclusively talks to DX about allegations, vehemently denying any involvent, urging resolution.


    Miguel Cotto & Antonio Margarito Prepare For Battle

    With Floyd Mayweather "retiring" from boxing, Cotto and Margarito go head to head Saturday to lay claim to being boxing's best.


    The Game Clears Up Eminem/Proof "Diss"

    Were the controversial lyrics in The Game/Lil Wayne collaboration "My Life" meant to be a diss to Eminem and Proof? Game explains!


    Nas' Next Two Albums Produced By Dr. Dre & DJ Premier?

    Not only does Nas want to record two albums - one with Dr. Dre and the other with DJ Premier - but he wants to release them both on the same day!


    Former Editor-In-Chief Of The Source To Release Tell All Book

    Kim Osorio, Editor-In-Chief of The Source from 2000-2005, prepares to release her book that reveals everything during the Mays/Benzino era.


    What The F@#K!?!?

    Odds that Weezy dies before Winehouse? Soulja Boy can't eat dicks? The 50 Cent era is over? Hilary asked how Obama's ass tastes? WTF?


    Nelly: Shut Em Down

    The pride of St. Louis explains his hiatus, personally asking Chuck D onto his new album, and "Tip Drill" regrets.


    Lil Dee Addresses Lil Wayne Fight Rumors

    Did New Orleans independent artist Lil Dee get into a fist fight with Lil Wayne last week or it all a rumor?


    John Legend Talks New Album & Collab With Andre 3000

    John Legend discusses his new single with Andre 3000 and his new albums different direction.


    Nas - Untitled

    With Untitled it appears that Nas truly understands and embraces that you cannot please everyone. Because of that, he has rid himself of the handcuffs that fans and critics have bound him with and expresses true creative freedom.


    Nas Reveals His Feelings About Mobb Deep & 50 Cent

    Prodigy believed Nas "set him up" at a concert in 2004. God's Son says what really went down and how he feels about Mobb and 50 Cent.


    More DX Dirt: Young Buck Attempted Suicide?

    There have been claims that Young Buck made a failed suicide attempt by overdosing on pain pills last night.


    DX Dirt: Lil Wayne Involved In Scuffle & Arrested?

    A rumor is circulating that Lil Wayne got punched in the face and arrested last night.


    Ice-T Clarifies Soulja Boy Remarks

    Everyone in Hip Hop has had something to say about the Soulja Boy and Ice-T situation. But let's hear it from Ice-T!


    Nas Responds To Album Leak

    Nas' Untitled album hit the net yesterday. How did Nas respond to the leakage? Check it out!


    The Source Magazine Relaunches

    After years of turmoil caused by Dave Mays and Ray Benzino, The Source resurfaces looking to reclaim its throne atop the magazine game.


    Amy Winehouse Calls Kanye West A "Cunt"

    While Jay-Z was making headlines at the Glastonbury Festival, Amy Winehouse was making waves with her attack on Kanye West.


    Method Man Weighs In On Soulja Boy/Ice-T Controversy

    Method Man give his two cents on the Soulja Boy/Ice-T situation. You may be surprised at what he says.