Rick Ross previously being employed as a corrections officer has been making waves on the net for the past week. While Ross has been adamant that a C.O. has never been his occupation, The Smoking Gun revealed otherwise. Lost in the mix has been how these revealing pictures surfaced in the first place.

There have been accusations that have linked Trick Daddy to being the one responsible for leaking these pictures to sources. Many may know that Ross and Trick haven’t always been on the best of terms so the rumors incited Ross to call Trick Daddy a “sucka.”

Today, HipHopDX caught up with Trick to get his side of the story that he has remained mum on since the beginning. Trick adamently denied he had anything to do with the pictures reaching the internet.

“Where’s the blog or the video that shows me saying I leaked the pictures?” Trick asked. “Somebody tried to use me to try to start some mess. They wanted to use Trick and I won’t let it go down like that. Whoever did leak the picture, why don’t they just be a man and say it? Don’t try to lean on my shoulder and put shit off on me.”

“I don’t have no comment to say about the picture and no comment to say about the situation,” Trick said to DX. “I am not going through no type of problems with Rick Ross or nobody else in this Hip Hop game. Definitely not anybody from my hood. Anybody know, love or respect Trick knows that is out of character for me. I don’t do shit like that!”

So does the fact that Rick Ross called Trick Daddy a “sucka” change anything?

“What does a person say when someone says somebody did something like that? It’s just a lot of bad judgment,” Trick concluded. “All of the instigators out there always want to compare (me to Rick Ross). The only way to get around all that is to truly show that we have love for one another.”