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Kanye West Vs 50 Cent Part 2!

Last year, Kanye West and 50 Cent went head to head. The two plan to do it again as they both will drop albums this December.


Ne-Yo - Year Of The Gentleman

He may not have the most powerful voice, chiseled abs or the greatest dance moves but Ne-Yo has those intangibles that put him in a class by himself.


LL Cool J - Exit 13

To those who are just familiarizing themselves with Uncle L, all they will get is an old man who is better off hanging the mic up and doing more Old Spice commercials.


Kim Osorio Reveals Details On Eminem/Source Beef

In Osorio's upcoming book, she explains how The Source's lone mission was to destroy Eminem and everything around him.


Kanye Debuts New Song & More From VMAs

Kanye West may have given a rousing performance of "Love Lockdown" but who owned this year's VMAs?


LL Cool J Brings Legends, Chin Checks Jay-Z On Exit 13

For his last album on Def Jam, LL Cool J has promised not to jerk his culture and takes a shot at Jay-Z.


The Game - LAX

LAX, simply put, is a good album. However, it's just not the type of album to end a career on, as he has suggested on several occasions.


Faith Evans Book Recounts Biggie/Tupac Triangle

In her upcoming book, Faith reveals never before told details surrounding her relationship with Tupac and Biggie.


Hip Hop Album Sales: Week Ending 8/17/08

Lil Wayne continues to hold it down, Plies and Nas chase gold while Yung Berg and Janelle Monae debut.


What You Didn't See At The Ozone Awards Part 2

A nipple wants to come out and play, Vlad & Mike Jones get snuffed, the most ignorant rapper ever and a truly legendary nightcap!


What You Didn't See At The Ozone Awards Part 1

A fight that didn't involve Rick Ross or Mike Jones, a panel nearly comes to blows and "Move Dem Buttcheeks" is a real song?


Big Boi Previews Album, Killer Mike In Attendance

Big Boi previewed his upcoming album and revealed a new Outkast album is forthcoming.


Mike Jones & Trae Apologize For Ozone Incident

Mike Jones and Trae The Truth are both apologetic about their fight at the Ozone Awards - but not to each other.


2008 Ozone Awards Winners And Recap

Aside from a few hiccups, the 2008 Ozone Awards came through with a peaceful ceremony that showcased the South's finest.


Trae The Truth & Mike Jones Fight At Ozone Awards

During an otherwise successful weekend, Mike Jones and Trae The Truth had a physical altercation backstage at the Ozone Awards.


Lupe Fiasco Keeps A Busy 2008 Schedule

Lupe discusses the CRS album and remains busy with a "Paris, Tokyo" remix and three new videos.


Murs Discusses New Album & Sweet Lord

"What decent human makes songs about murdering other humans or selling poison to other people? The time for that BS is over!" - Murs


A Tribe Called Quest Reunion Album Will Never Happen

According to Q-Tip, A Tribe Called Quest reunion album will "never, ever happen." Why?


Heltah Skeltah Returns With New Album

Rock and Ruck (better known as Sean Price) will reunite after a decade for a new Heltah Skeltah album.


Murs & 9th Wonder - Sweet Lord

With their third outing, the 9th and Murs pairing continues to excel. Their chemistry rivals some of Hip Hop's greatest as their consistency and willingness to try new things continue to bring forth memorable moments.


Slim Thug Preps New Album On Koch Records - Not Interscope

Slim Thug has moved on from Interscope as his Boss Hogg Outlawz crew prepare their latest release for Koch.

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