Recently, word came through the grapevine that Lil Wayne was arrested after getting into a fight at Club Dream in New Orleans [click to read]. The details were quite sketchy but without clarification from anyone involved, it was just chalked up to just being a rumor. Now the person who was said to be involved in the physical altercation with Weezy has stepped forward to address the situation. New Orleans independent artist Lil Dee God’s Gift recently put out a youtube video to debunk the rumors.

“I’m letting you know, it’s just a rumor. It’s false!” Dee states. “I never met Wayne a day in my life.”

Dee also explains how rumors like these could help an artist’s publicity but he would rather keep it clean.

“If I was any of these artist though, I would have took that rumor and ran with it,” Dee continues as he reveals just inking a deal of his own and working hard on his projects. “I don’t want no publicity off nobody else – especially if it’s negative.”

There has been no word if Wayne was arrested at all or if the entire situation was made up.