Everyone has weighed in on the whole Ice-T/Soulja Boy ordeal. From Method Man [click to read] toKiller Mike [click to read], anyone with a voice has had something to say. Some agree while others do not agree with Ice-T’s approach.

Soulja Boy has remained quiet since he responded but Ice-T wants to finished what he has started. The OG appeared on DJ Kay Slay’s Streetsweepers show to clarify his position.

“I just said something…I’m not really eating off of Hip Hop right now. But Hip Hop means something real to me,” Ice said. “I made a statement. Niggas been biting their tongues but I’ve always been a nigga that say what I felt. I said it and the shit hit the fam. Niggas is like ‘Oh my God! You’re being mean,’ I’m like ‘Ain’t that a bitch!’”

Ice-T explained that calling things out that are perceived as wack has been a part of Hip Hop since its inception and people shouldn’t be surprised at his comments about Soulja Boy.

“When I said (what I said) dude’s named just popped up as the forefront of that shit. But there’s a lot of motherfuckers doing that shit. I don’t have anything against the youngster.”

He also made it clear that once an individual steps into the booth that they are now open for criticism and this is really nothing new – for young or old artists.

“At 17 I was bustin at niggas,” Ice-T explained in reference to Mr. Crank Dat’s age. LL got in the (Hip Hop) game at 16, Cube was in at 16, Nas was in at 16 (and) all of a sudden this is a child?”

Regardless, Ice-T wants to make something clear to all those who are upset with what he said.

“I am not hating,” Ice emphasized. “Nowadays, if you criticize something you are hating.”

And with that, Ice-T looks to be a voice of inspiration to the young artists.

Ice is just trying to inspire these cats to be more creative. I’m looking for a 19-year-old KRS-1. I want to see a 19-year-old Public Enemy. Where they at?”