No matter how much anyone has enjoyed a Nas album, nearly everyone has clamored for the day that Nas and DJ Premier would link up for an entire album. There was rumor of the two collaborating awhile back but it unfortunately never came to fruition. While Premo has reportedly been busy with his own projects, he mentioned to DX awhile back that Nas never reached out to him for Untitled. But it appears that Nas is now taking the first step in making the dream album come true.

While performing at a concert on July 15th, Nas directed an appeal towards DJ Premier in front of the fans attending. What Nas wants is an entire album produced by the legendary Premo. Whether or not this dream comes true is still a mystery. But Nas isn’t done with his dream collaborations yet.

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“I want to do an all-Dr. Dre album,” he told MTV News recently. “A whole thing with Dre and a whole thing with Premier, and drop ‘em on the same day. That’s the real thing. All right, I said it. That’s what I really wanna do.”

While there have been no preliminary talks with either Dr. Dre or DJ Premier, one has to wonder if either of these projects have the remote possibility of coming to life.

Stay tuned to DX for more on this as it develops.