Kim Osorio was the Editor-In-Chief of The Source magazine during what can be considered the most controversial era in the magazine’s history. During her five year tenure at the magazine (2 ½ as Editor-In-Chief) from 2000-2005, Osorio was caught in the midst of the Mays/Benzino era. Since leaving her post in 2005, Osorio went on to file a lawsuit against the magazine alleging sexual harassment, gender discrimination, defamation, retalitory discharge, and maintaining a hostile work environment. After the eight day trial, Osorio was awarded a $7.5 million judgment.

That era will forever be known as the one that nearly buried the magazine in its entirety. There has been much that has been said about those trying times from many different sources [click to read], but nobody knows better than Osorio herself.

On September 9th, Osorio will release her book entitled Straight from the Source: An Expose from the Former Editor in Chief of the Hip-Hop Bible. The book will document the highly questionable era from Osorio’s never heard from before perspective.

“People see women writing memoirs and immediately criticize them for wanting to tell their story. I am a writer, first, so telling stories has always been my life,” Osorio explained to “I just decided, after everything I had gone through, that it was time to tell my own, especially since others have tried to tell it for me. I figured if people were going to speculate, then I may as well get it out there, and tell it the way it should be told.”

The book is sure to blow the doors off of everything that happened behind the scenes at The Source and shed some light on what Osorio dealt with during her five years at the magazine.