Yesterday was quite an interesting day in the world of Nas. As his upcoming album, which is being called Untitled instead of Nigger [click to read], prepares for a July 15th release date, something peculiar happened – the album sprung a leak. But it isn’t the accidental leak that many expected. Systematically, multiple songs began popping up in numerous blogs and websites (mostly via the blog collective titled the New Music Cartel). By the time everything was said and done, the entire album was online [check out our audio section for some of the songs off the album].

There has been no rhyme or reason as to why this happened but it doesn’t seem like it was an accident at all. As a matter of fact, it appears Nas and Def Jam knew of what was going to happen. Nas issued a video response regarding the matter.

“You know we get leaked. You know I’ve been getting leaked forever,”
Nas said. “And it’s so fucking exciting!”

Why did the album get purposefully leaked? It could be to simply build the hype for the upcoming album. Either way, look for Untitled on July 15th.