John Legend has been making a name for himself with his sultry vocals and excellent songwriting. Hot off the heels of Once Again, Legend has returned to the lab for a new album – tentatively titled Evolver. But this time John Legend insists that the album will have a new sound. The proof may be in the pudding with the lead single that features Andre 3000 titled “Green Light.”

“We liked the idea and sent it over to Andre because we thought he would be perfect for it. We felt it needed his flavor. He rhymed on it and we felt like it was the right song to go with first. So we’ll be shooting the video in a couple of weeks,” Legend said to HipHopDX recently.

The song is considerably more upbeat than the usual John Legend outing. But this is something that he said would be prevalent throughout his new album.

“It’s going to be a surprise for a lot of John Legend fans, because it is a lot more upbeat than John is — than people think John is,” Andre stated in a previous interview with MTV. “I was actually happy to hear it. This is a cool John Legend song.”

So the question is whether or not this new direction was Legend‘s idea or his label.

“I’m just making music,” Legend says. “My record company doesn’t call me saying ‘John we need you to do this.’ I just go out there and try to make records that I would love and I think the audience will love.”

Look for the video to “Green Light” coming soon and Evolver this fall.