Joe Budden is not done with Drake. The Slaughterhouse rapper unleashed a fourth diss track aimed at Drizzy yesterday (July 22) after the Toronto rapper called out Budden at a recent stop on his “Summer Sixteen” tour.

This cut is called “Just Because” and Budden begins and ends the track with saying that he is critiquing Drake out of love, “sometimes love hurts.” The elder rapper has insisted that his attacks are out of friendly competition.

On the latest offering, Budden continues his jabs, but also says that Eminem tried to question him about the whole beef.

“We heating up, you know the fire marshall in doubt / Irony, irony, I ain’t spoke to Marshall in a while / He said, ‘Budden get your stuff together / You busy ruffling feathers’ / Bound to happen when you target an owl / Now we not enemies, he just gotta bar up now / I’m still on ‘Energy,’ let’s see if he charged up now,” he raps, referring to Drake’s OVO owl logo and his “Charged Up” diss track towards Meek Mill.

The cover art for “Just Because” shows Toronto Maple Leafs player Frazer McLaren with a bloodied face laughing at a referee after getting in a fight during a 2013 matchup.

The feud between Budden and Drake started when Budden questioned Drake’s latest album, VIEWS, on his podcast and said Drizzy sounded “uninspired.” Drake previewed a clip of a potential response, which sent Budden on a spree releasing two diss tracks, “Making a Murderer” and “Wake.” When that response, “No Shopping” was released, the Slaughterhouse rapper immediately responded with “Afraid.” Despite French Montana saying “No Shopping” was not intended as a diss, Budden doesn’t buy it and also maintains the position that Drake’s “4 p.m. in Calabasas” were shots at him.

Listen to “Just Because” here.