Though it might not seem like it this week, Joe Budden remains a Drake fan.

Budden has been framing the attacks of his twodiss songs as a virtuous pursuit on social media, explaining that he’s just trying to bring the competitive spirit out of an artist he admires. The recent back-and-forth (if you want to call it that, since it’s just Budden’s direct attacks against Budden’s translation of Drake’s supposed subliminals) started when the Slaughterhouse rapper critiqued Drake’s VIEWS, which he called “uninspired.”

Budden again took to Instagram on Wednesday (July 6) to post his admiration for Drizzy while at the same time reminding him to not let his success go to his head.

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In an old image of the two rappers kicking it together (along with Kaylin Garcia, who seems to be in the middle of a Hookah & Chill session), Budden wrote:

The MC’s tho kid, they’ll always be for the culture, we’ll support & champion you as you continue to push the needle and move the genre forward to newly discovered heights, real MC’s can never hate you, we’ll always want tomorrow to be better than yesterday, I see u as that “tomorrow”… I’m proud of that, for I know you’re 1 of us deep down, success never changes that, ask Em & Hov…. But the second your arrogance gets the better of you and you start to believe you’re above the very cloth you’re cut from, the cloth that changed life for your entire lineage, the MC’s will be there to remind you, success or not.

Check out the post below.