As a man who knows a thing or two about rap beef, 50 Cent believes that Birdman and Lil Wayne will reconcile. He shares his opinion on the feud today (April 22) in an Instagram post after Birdman walked out of an interview with The Breakfast Club.

“LMAO BABY ON HIS GANGSTA SHIT,” 50 Cent writes for the caption of an image of Birdman and Lil Wayne, “when these two fell out, I told everybody stay away from that. They got to much history, they gonna work it out. #EFFENVODKA”

Lil Wayne has an ongoing $51 million lawsuit against his father figure for reportedly holding Tha Carter V. In December, the New Orleans rapper took to Twitter to share his grievances with Birdman, saying he wanted off Cash Money Records.

Nicki Minaj voiced that Cash Money is a family atmosphere and also believes the two will reconcile.

Master P lamented the beef between his fellow New Orleans rappers.

“They wanna see us going at each other,” he said. “They wanna see us killing each other. I feel like I think they could work it out.

50 Cent has feuded with Rick Ross, The Game and Ja Rule. One beef that he seemingly squashed was one with boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Snoop Dogg Says Baby Handled “The Breakfast Club” Situation “G Style”

Snoop Dogg and The Game joined 50 Cent in the social media conversation about Birdman’s Breakfast Club appearance.

“Nuff. Respect. Family,” Snoop Dogg says on Instagram with a picture of Birdman. “Check a nigga on sight. G style ✨✨?✊?.@birdman5star.”

“Birdman ain’t here for the bullshit this morning nigga” The Game says with a screenshot from the interview. “#WhenYouHearMyNameRespekIt #AllTreeAhYall #AhAintGoneSayItNoMo#YallFinishOrYallDone ???”

Thi’sl commented on the in-person nature of the incident and calling out those who mocked Birdman.

“Cyber gangsters don’t understand what Birdman did,” he says on Twitter. “At home like, “Why didn’t he just @ him on Twitter”  You Keep flexing for likes.”

Top Dawg Entertainment president Punch says he is going to take a page out of Birdman’s playbook.

“I’m starting every meeting like Birdman from now on,” he says on Twitter.

View 50 Cent’s post saying Birdman & Lil Wayne will reconcile and the other social media posts reacting to Birdman’s appearance on The Breakfast Club below:

Nuff. Respect. Family. Check a nigga on sight. G style ✨✨?✊?. @birdman5star

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