Azealia Banks confronted the paparazzi outside of Manhattan Criminal Court today (March 25).

The Slay-Z rapper was leaving a court appearance for allegedly biting the breast of a female security guard as she was being escorted out of New York City nightclub Up&Down.

At first the 24-year old Harlem rapper appeared to be smiling as her picture was taken before she became angry, says one photographer.

“She hit the camera hard, it would’ve been knocked to the ground if I hadn’t been holding on tight with both hands,” the photographer told Daily Mail.

Following the incident Azealia took to her previously deleted Twitter account to express her frustrations calling what the paparazzi do, “the wackiest profession ever.”

“Job or no job. People have anxieties, emotional issues etc that may actually cause them to freak out and REALLY hurt one of them one day,” the “Chasing Time” rapper wrote on Twitter. “Paparazzi think it’s funny now but it won’t be funny when a celebrity gets anxious and pushes one of them in front of a moving car. Now THAT would be a joyous day. The day a paparazzo gets his breath taken away all for trying to be a smart ass.”

Pictures captured by paparazzo Michael Graae reveal Banks in the action of pushing his camera away from her face.

However, Banks also allegedly captured a photo of Graae and other paps and posted them on Instagram with captions which accused the photographers of provoking her.

“He tried to trip me on my way out of the courtroom to catch a picture of me falling,” the Harlem rapper wrote on Instagram. “Praying this guy falls onto the train tracks and gets electrocuted. His name is Michael Graee.”

According to Daily Mail, “Graae branded all of her allegations ‘completely untrue’ and said he was nowhere near the rapper when she left the building.”

Azealia Banks‘ social media posts voicing her frustrations over the paparazzi are as follows:

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.10.34 AM

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 5.58.05 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.10.25 AM

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