Azealia Banks took shots at Nicki Minaj on Twitter after the Pinkprint rapper feuded with Miley Cyrus and squashed her beef with Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards, which was held Sunday (August 30).

“It’s so funny to wake up and see nicki and Miley or nicki and taylor fighting when you ALL make basic ass music,” Banks writes. “it’s a ki !!!”

“ITS A CONTEST OF THE BASICS,” she continues.

Elsewhere, Banks shares her thoughts on Cyrus, who hosted the awards.

“She gets that she has no culture no swag no nothing,” she says. “She understands the inferiority of being white and she makes fun of herself. She’s making fun of dumb white bitches…. (I think ???)”

Banks also points to what she says are the underlying racial implications for Minaj having to compete in a predominantly white music industry.

“Using her as an example of a greater issue bc it’s perfect example of the effect Americanism has on blackness and black female identity,” Banks says. “How they treat us. How we feel about it, what we do to cope/go against it. They’re all parts of a MUCH bigger issue. Big issues are made up of MILLIONS of tiny issues.”

When someone suggests that Minaj and Banks should work together, she agrees.

“I can help her make dope songs so her shit doesn’t sound like Katy perry leftovers because her being black means she deserves Tailormade custom African princess styles… not left over cracker swag,” she says. “We should but she be trying her hardest to be on the same level with these white bitches I just be like (sad emoji) like don’t u get that these white girls are trying their hardest to be you? Why are u tryna be them? Idgi but I know she knows she’s better than them and IT MAKES ME SO MAD cause it sets a standard for basicness that other black girls follow!! not cool !!!”

She is asked why she is criticizing Minaj so severely when, in the past, Banks has defended her. Banks reflects on Minaj’s feud with Lil Kim.

“The cycle!” she says. “Life must feed on life. She drank Kim’s blood, I will drink hers, & there will be sum1 new 2 drink mine.”

Banks has also questioned the wax figure that Madame Tussauds made to honor Minaj. Because the sculpture is crouching on all fours, she saw it as disrespectful to the rapper’s accomplishments.

“That’s not nice,” she said. “I don’t feel good about that.”