Azealia Banks is asking for Black media outlets to stop covering her. She criticizes BET, HOT 97 and others for criticizing her opinions and not playing her music.

She references her feud with T.I. as an example of the unbalanced reporting by urban news outlets.

“black media has done the most to damage my brand,” she writes in a post, “when i was threatened with physical violence by TI u all laughed at me!”

Despite her criticism of White people multiple times, including blaming them for the posture of Nicki Minaj’s wax statue, she was on the cover of Playboy in March and says she has received criticism for it.

“hip-hop will be like… oh you talk so much about the white man yet you get naked in his magazine,” she writes. “WELL IT HAPPENS TO BE THAT THE WHITE MAN’S MAGAZINE IS THE ONLY ONE ACTUALLY INVITING ME ANYWHERE TO DO ANYTHING.”

Banks also says that Hip Hop culture has double standards against women.

“Black men are allowed to fuck up, rape people, murder people, have sex with underage people… and hip-hop will still support their shit,” she writes, seemingly referencing Tyga, who reportedly dated Kylie Jenner while she was 17 years old.

“I have a few qualms about life and society and all of a sudden i’m the worst human being in hip-hop…. FUCK ALL THE WAY OUT OF HERE,” she continues. “I’ve never murdered anyone, i’ve never had sex with anyone who was underage, I PAY MY FUCKING TAXES…. like for fucks sake.”

She makes a reference to slavery to say that she has moved beyond those days whether the rest of Black culture has or not.

“I need to just leave the kneegrows in the fields and enjoy my time in the big house!!” she writes. “Seems like that’s what people want me to do anyway.”

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