Although it’s now been revealed that the return of “BET Uncut” was a prank held to promote the new BET show “Punk’d,” Nelly was asked about the alleged return of the show during an interview with Hot 97 this week.

He also spoke on the controversy surrounding his “Tip Drill” music video, which was featured on “BET Uncut” in the early 2000s, and was arguably one of the most notorious videos to air on the show.

According to Nelly, the music video for “Tip Drill” would have fit right in with the music videos of today. He also made it known that the scene in which he swipes a credit card down a woman’s butt was the video model’s idea.

“They got a little wild, man,” Nelly said while speaking on the negative response to his “Tip Drill” video. “But that was the thing. If you look at that video now and if you put it in [context] of what’s going on right now and you look at how far things are going right now. I mean, that video was nothing. But at that time I guess it was. The only reason I did it was because ‘BET Uncut’ was already running for like two years. And I’m up. I’m watching. I want a video for that show…But it wasn’t my idea. It was her idea. It was White Chocolate’s idea. Everybody knows that.”

Prior to speaking on the “Tip Drill” video and “BET Uncut,” Nelly offered an update on his label situation. He revealed that after 16 years, he’s no longer with Universal/Republic.

The St. Louis, Missouri rapper, who is currently signed to Records, went on to explain that he’s chosen to go with the flow of “where the game is going” with his label choice.

“First off, let me say I fulfilled everything that was with Universal/Republic and everything to that nature,” he said. “So, shout out to them because we been through a lot over the 16 years. And they like family and stuff. Yeah, man. And I love them to death. But I think just where music is taking place and as far as where the game is going, things are changing. So, obviously the way you attack the game has to change as well. I did a new deal that we’re working out right now…I’m the first product of this new venture right now.”

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