Big Gipp recalls when Future went by Meathead as part of the Dungeon Family rap group Da Connect in an interview with DJ Nelz and DJ Prophet for Dash Radio.

“Rico Wade put out an album called Da Connect and Future was on there and Future was rapping,” Gipp says. “So Future is Hip Hop. Future is us. So I think Future just done found his niche and coming from the Dungeon Family he knew how to blow up his persona because he got [Big] Gipp, he got [Andre] 3000, he got Cee-lo, he got so many of us around him.”

The Dirty Sprite 2 rapper had been around the Dungeon Family since before Goodie Mob‘s 1995 debut album, Soul Food, was released, Gipp says. Future is the cousin of Dungeon Family member and Organized Noize producer Rico Wade.

Elsewhere in the Dash Radio interview, Gipp also gives props to Future for continuing to develop his craft as rapper.

“Sometimes, people’s time is when it’s time,” the Goodie Mob member says. “It’s not when they want it to be. I think right now Future is at the pinnacle of his stardom. When you got 3000 around there asking about, ‘Yo, Meathead blowing up, ain’t he?’ You start getting folk like 3000 – ol’ Prince of Rap start askin’ ’bout you, boy, you doin’ something. ‘Cause he ain’t even on the social media. He hates it.”

Even though the rap climate is currently inundated with talk of Xanax, Percocet and Codeine, the “Shine Like Gold” rapper insists that Future is not as high as he portrays in his music. It’s an admission Future himself as made.

“You can’t do that type of music when you high,” Gipp says. “One thing he’s doing is he’s feeding the people what they doing and they have the culture of the ‘Let’s get high’ for the last five years, so I ain’t tripping. I’m just saying that we just have to look and see that now that Future has reached the pinnacle of that it has to be something else.

“I’m not going to worry about Future because Future can actually really, really rap,” he adds. “Future just learned how to sell what he sell.”

Future, along with OutKast, Puff Daddy, Big Gipp, Ludacris and others are set to appear in The Art Of Organized Noize documentary which is scheduled to make its debut at South By Southwest this March. The documentary is also slated to premiere on Netflix after its debut.

The full interview with Big Gipp on Dash Radio with DJ Nelz & DJ Prophet is as follows: