MC Eiht passed comment on Suge Knight’s current legal situation during a newly published interview with VladTV.

Knight is currently facing murder charges stemming from a hit-and-run in January of last year where one man was killed and another two were injured. The former CEO of Death Row Records is scheduled to appear in court on February 26 when his trial start date will be set.

“My thing is — everybody has this thing [called] karma [or] whatever,” MC Eiht said during the interview. “You live how you live, man. My nigga Suge [Knight] had the respect from every record label exec when he had [Dr.] Dre and Snoop [Dogg] and Pac – he was the man. You had the best label but like I said, sometimes we get caught up – a lot of us do. Money and power will sidetrack the shit out of you if you ain’t the type of muthafucka who knows how to handle power and money. It will do it to the best of us and that’s just what happens. Some of us get into these situations where we got too much and it starts pumping our ego up as high as it can go when we should be staying grounded, especially coming from where we came from.

“You have to be humble in this game,” MC Eiht continued. “That’s one of the reasons why I survived so long because I just be humble about it. I try to stay in my own lane and don’t try to be somebody that I’m not.”

Later in the conversation, MC Eiht spoke more generally about the ways in which people find themselves in trouble. The Compton, California native maintains that if one stays humble and respectful, they’re much more likely to avoid getting swallowed up by fame and fortune.

“If you be humble, then muthafuckas will know that. If you be the terrorizer, shit gon’ follow you until one day you gon’ be in the terror. That’s just the cycle of the world, man. Nobody thinks that shit is true but it’s true. If you be a humble muthafucka and respect muthafuckas and not try to fuck over people, I can probably most guarantee that you will float through this life on a straight and narrow good scale. [If] you try to fuck people and you try to be somebody you ain’t, you gon’ run into some shit and you gon’ have to face it.”

In the most recent of developments regarding Suge Knight’s case, TMZ reports that Knight fired his fourth lawyer, Tom Mesereau, this past Thursday (January 21). The Los Angeles Times has since reported that Stephen L. Schwartz has replaced Mesereau in representing the former Rap mogul.

MC Eiht’s interview with VladTV, whereby he comments on Suge Knight’s current legal situation, can be viewed below: