This week, Stitches and The Game went at it over Instagram regarding a potential boxing match put together by Celebrity Boxing Federation CEO, Damon Feldman. Elsewhere, Drake’s Tom Ford lipstick collection reportedly sold out in minutes and lastly, Chris Brown aired out his frustrations regarding the ruling that Meek Mill will be sentenced after a judge decreed that the Philly rapper had violated his probation.

Stitches & The Game Go Back-And-Forth Regarding Potential Boxing Match

Stitches reportedly signed a contract to fight The Game in a boxing match put together by Celebrity Boxing Federation CEO Damon Feldman earlier this week.

“Woo, I’m bout to sign that contract with Damon [Feldman] right now,” Stitches said in a video uploaded to Instagram. “That Celebrity Boxing shit, boy. Anybody who wants to see me and The Game throw hands, comment below. Your manager hit me, nigga, but you didn’t. I got jumped, nigga, but you didn’t touch me.”

In a subsequent post, Damon Feldman commented on a previous video of Stitches getting punched by The Game’s manager, Wack 100, outside of a Miami nightclub earlier this month.

“Game, that was a joke, man. Stitches was snuck,” Feldman said. “This is you guys’ opportunity to step in the ring. He has signed the contract Stitches has. This is your chance to step in the ring. Get paid. Do it for real and legally.”

The Game later responded to the offer via Instagram. The Compton, California rapper outlined two conditions that must be met before he accepts the fight. Firstly, Stitches has to fight The Game’s friend and fellow rapper Nicky D’s and not get knocked out. Second, Stitches must also sign a waiver agreeing not to sue or press charges against The Game.

If Stitches agrees to the aforementioned conditions, The Game says he will pay for the Miami rapper to fly out first class to Los Angeles for the fight.

Stitches then responded, again via Instagram, declining The Game’s offer.

“I know you clearly saw that I wanna fight you and you only,” he said in a video post. “Don’t let another nigga handle your beef for the second time, boy. Get in the ring. Ain’t nobody gonna take your money. I want your head.”

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Drake’s Tom Ford Lipstick Sells Out In Minutes; Rapper Reacts

Tom Ford honored Drake in their latest “Lips & Boys” collection.

The lipstick reportedly sold out in minutes after being put up for sale both online and in-store.

The Toronto rapper was one of 25 men included in the collection, along with Southpaw actor Jake Gyllenhaal, among others.

In response to the news, Drake posted a photo to Instagram with the caption: “My mom bought all of them. Hey Ma.”

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Chris Brown Reacts To Meek Mill’s Probation Ruling

Chris Brown vented his frustrations regarding the verdict that Meek Mill has violated his probation.

On Thursday (December 17), a Philadelphia judge ruled that the MMG rapper had violated his probation stemming from gun charges in 2008. As a result, Meek Mill is to be sentenced in February.

“wish the judge could see the influence meek mill can have out of jail more than in it,” Chris Brown tweeted. “Y’all wanna lock him up but what about FREDDIE GRAY?

“The system is set on bullshit,” Brown continued in a subsequent tweet. “The DAs and JUDGES get just as high as the next man and fuck people’s lives up!”

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