The Game has responded to Stitches‘ invitation to a boxing match. The Compton, California rapper took to Instagram yesterday (December 15) to state his conditions if he were to accept the fight.

Stitches first has to fight The Game‘s friend and rapper Nicky D’s and not get knocked out. Stitches must also sign a waiver saying he will not sue or press charges against The Game.

If Stitches agrees to these conditions, The Game offers to fly him first class to Los Angeles to fight him.

Stitches responded on Instagram, declining the offer.

“I know you clearly saw that I wanna fight you and you only,” the Miami rapper says in a video post. “Don’t let another nigga handle your beef for the second time, boy. Get in the ring. Ain’t nobody gonna take your money. I want your head.”

In the caption for the post, Stitches calls The Game out again.

“This is my last response to this joke . Step up pimpin. Let’s get it .@celebrityboxing . We fight 1 on 1 like men and end this bullshit already. Let’s ppv and donate the money to charity like real 1s,” Stitches writes.

The Game’s Instagram post is below. Stitches’ account is private, so to view his post, follow the Miami rapper. A screenshot from his post is below.


(This article was first published on December 15, 2015 and is as follows.)

Stitches has reportedly signed a contract to fight The Game in a boxing match put together by Celebrity Boxing Federation CEO, Damon Feldman.

In a series of recent videos uploaded to Instagram, both Stitches and Feldman attempt to goad The Game into signing the contract.

“Woo, I’m bout to sign that contract with Damon [Feldman] right now,” Stitches says. “That Celebrity Boxing shit, boy. Anybody who wants to see me and The Game throw hands, comment below. Your manager hit me, nigga, but you didn’t. I got jumped, nigga, but you didn’t touch me.”

Stitches continues in the post’s caption field: “@losangelesconfidential time to prove to everybody that you can handle your own beef. We do this and donate the money to a charity . End of discussion .@celebrityboxing . You know I will take you 1 on 1 fair fight like men do. Let’s get itttt. Don’t use the excuse of me suing you cause that will never be my intention plus this is all on contract . No suing”

Damon Feldman, the CEO of Celebrity Boxing Federation, then weighed in with his own video asking The Game to sign the contract.

“Damon Feldman here with Celebrity Boxing [Federation],” he says. “So look, the word is Stitches got snuck. Game, you’ve been offered fights several times [and] you never stepped up. Stitches has signed the contract. Game, are you gonna sign here? Step up.”

Again, Feldman continues in the post’s caption field: “@stitches has signed@losangelesconfidential @wack100 whats up 3 rds this is legal Boxing match under Celebrity Boxing rules this is 3rd match you where offered”

A few hours later, Stitches uploaded another video to Instagram again trying to goad The Game into signing the contract.

“Accept that fight, boy,” he says. “Show everybody you can step in that paint. Show everybody you one hundred. You say you gon’ put them hands on me, I wanna see you do it, nigga.”

Damon Feldman then passed comment on the original video of Stitches getting punched by The Game’s manager, Wack 100.

“Game, that was a joke, man. Stitches was snuck,” Feldman says. “This is you guys’ opportunity to step in the ring. He has signed the contract Stitches has. This is your chance to step in the ring. Get paid. Do it for real and legally.”

Feldman continues in the video’s caption: “I just saw the video@stitches was snuck come. On Game@losangelesconfidential you have to do it for real in the Ring thats only place where yiu get respect Sticthes has signed will you??”

In the most recent of posts, Feldman revealed more details regarding the contract that Stitches has allegedly signed. In the contract, it’s stated that the boxing match is scheduled for January 29 in Los Angeles and will feature three, 90-second rounds with 24-ounce boxing gloves.

The rivalry between the two rappers ignited in early October after Stitches publicly questioned The Game’s gang ties. A back-and-forth subsequently ensued over social media.

Stitches and Damon Feldman’s Instagram posts can be viewed below:

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