The Game and Stitches have found new feuding partners in each other. The Miami rapper took to Instagram to question The Game‘s gang affiliation. The Compton, California rapper has talked about ties with the Bloods in his lyrics.

“I know Bloods and Crips in Compton,” Stitches says while driving with Drake’s “Hotline Bling” playing in the background. “They all say you a bitch-ass nigga, bruh. Except only thing with me is, I’m affiliated with them. I ain’t a Blood or a Crip. It’s TMI Gang or nothing, pussy-nigga. When you got the balls to come see me, put a hundred thou on it.”

“Don’t claim something you not @losangelesconfidential #tmigang,” he says in the caption for the video. “Trust me boy I got goons in every city . Real niggas fuck wit me the long way.”

Stitches also posted a series of images with alleged direct messages from The Game calling him out.

“You think you funny nigga??? I thought we was good…. #piru,” he writes.

“Ima show everyone how you a fake ass pussy nigga and don’t try to apologize when you send subliminals threw Twitter sucka,” Stitches responds.

The Game posted a video claiming the messages are fake.

“Number one, I ain’t sent your faggot-ass no motherfucking DM. Number two, any nigga name that rhymes with ‘bitches’ ain’t nobody fucking with you. You lame. Your music wack and I will put hands on you, nigga. I ain’t sent you no message. You a fucking fan, nigga.”

For the caption of the video, he details Stitches’ fanhood. He also references his feud with Young Thug, who wears women’s clothing.

“To whatever lame mothafucka it concern: creating fake DM’s pretending to be talkin to me…. That’s hoe shit, When will these bitch niggas learn ?” The Game writes. “You begged to get in my section tryna get a picture in Miami & I said ‘fuck that weird looking ass nigga to yo face’…. You got sad Game ain’t wanna take a picture wit yo sucka ass, now you on social media posting guns ??? The nigga that paint his nails & wear Girl Scout skirts more of a threat than you….. Betta be easy outchea bitch…. Niggas you think is yo niggas is MY NIGGAS….. These days niggas kill they self, you ain’t even gotta do nothing.”

Stitches has made the most recent post in the back-and-forth. He reasserts his original claims that The Game is not a real gang member.

“Shut your stupid-ass up, bruh. You know ain’t nobody tried to get no picture with your ugly ass. You a soft-ass pussy and there’s nothing you can do ’cause you know I got them hands. So stop talking through Instagram and meet me up, you pussy-ass, sucka-ass, big-for-nothin’-ass, bitch-ass, hoe-ass nigga.  You ain’t no Blood. You ain’t no Crip.”

In another incident, Stitches used screenshots of direct messages to claim that he slept with Tyga’s girlfriend, Kylie Jenner.

Stitches posts have since been deleted, but screenshosts, along with The Game’s post are below:


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