The Game reenacted Stitches being punched, during a recent concert set. TMZ reports that Compton, California rapper The Game and his crew reenacted the moment when fellow artist, Stitches was punched while outside a Miami, Florida nightclub, earlier this month.

The Game’s reenactment took place during his “Blazers Cup” show in San Bernardino, California over the weekend.

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Prior to reenacting the punch, the rapper revealed that he was held back by a friend since he’s currently on probation.

“Pull your phones out right now,” The Game said while speaking to the audience. “I’mma show you how this happened. We gon’ reenact this shit. You be Stitches. I’mma just be me…Stitches says ‘Game, you gon’ fight me, boy.’ I said ‘This nigga want a problem? What’s up then, homie?’ He start walking towards me and shit…Oh, we went to Miami and whooped that ass. That nigga start walking up and shit. Marcus was holding me back cause he know I’m on probation…That nigga went to sleep.”

In addition to being punched by The Game’s manager, Stitches claimed that Game paid a handful of his friends to jump him. He added that as a result of the attacks he lost the vision in his left eye.

Video of The Game’s reenactment of Stitches being punched can be found below.