Drake has partnered with a new app called Omni, TMZ reports. He met Omni founder Thomas McLeod through their shared affinity for sneakers and when McLeod told the Toronto rapper about the app, Drake decided to invest in the company. The site says not only will Drake contribute financially, but he will also be involved in the creative development of the app.

McLeod shared the news of Drake’s investment on Instagram yesterday (December 16).

“Great time last night with some of the newest investors in Omni,” he writes for the caption of a picture of himself, the rapper and others. “Being one of Drakes first tech investments and doing deep dives on the crossover between tech and music from an end user perspective…is wild. Love seeing intelligent diversification of all industries. Execution is everything, back to the warehouses for me! #somacapital #ovo”



Omni’s website says the company’s slogan is “Put Your Closet In Your Pocket” and the app is meant to organize and store people’s personal items. The user can have his or her items taken to an Omni facility where they will be photographed, stored and catalogued. The user can view their belongings in the app and then select what they want for the day. The facility will ship the items to the user within 24 hours for free or expedite the shipping for a fee.

Storage of items varies by size from $0.25 to $5.00 per item per month.

The service is currently available in select zip codes in San Francisco.

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