Sauce Money recently reeled off his Top 5 favorite rappers of all-time during an interview with DoggieDiamondsTV.

“I would have to say [at] #5 would be [The Notorious B.I.G.],” he says. “#4, [Big Daddy] Kane. #3, Rakim. #2, Jay [Z]. [At #1] lyrically, I would have to say [Kool] G Rap. In his prime, niggas couldn’t fuck with G Rap. You couldn’t go wrong with any order. You could switch that order up [and] nobody could be mad at you. For me, I just think that in his prime, niggas couldn’t fuck with G Rap. He was the illest in his prime.”

Sauce Money continues by highlighting some of his favorite Kool G Rap songs and albums. The Brooklyn, New York rapper also compares G Rap’s discography with the other artists he mentions.

“‘Men at Work’ was crazy,” he says. “Road to the Riches was crazy. Wanted: Dead or Alive [with the single] ‘Streets of New York.’ G Rap was, to me, probably the greatest lyricist of all-time, in his prime. His body of work might not be what Kane’s is, or what Rakim’s is [and] obviously definitely not what Jay’s is or Big’s but, when it was his time, niggas couldn’t fuck with him.”

Later in the conversation, Sauce Money offered a response to those questioning his decision not to include Tupac or Nas in his Top 5 list.

“I wouldn’t really classify Pac as a great lyricist, I would classify him more as a great song-maker,” Sauce Money says. “I think early Nas is cool, but not compared to none of those guys.”

Sauce Money’s interview with DoggieDiamondsTV can be viewed below: