After breaking down the inspiration he gleaned from Master P’s record industry moves in an interview with DX earlier this fall, Necro opened up about his view of trendiness in Hip Hop in a segment that premiered as a part of today’s DX Daily. Explaining how a shift towards more commercial material alienated him from The Notorious B.I.G.’s music, Necro went on to recall an influx of bandwagon fans speaking out after Tupac died.

“I’m different than most people,” he said. “Most people just fucking listen. Most people just put on the radio, ‘Oh Biggie, [“Big Poppa,”] that’s the shit. We love that.’ I didn’t like Biggie when he did all that. I liked Biggie with ‘Party And Bullshit,’ after ‘Party And Bullshit’ came out and then Puffy started promoting the commercial shit I got turned off. I was listening to Kool G Rap, ‘Ill Street Blues,’ ‘On The Run.’ I felt G Rap should have blown up like Biggie. But most people, you’ll talk to someone, they don’t know who G Rap is. And everybody says they love Biggie. And I’m Brooklyn, obviously Biggie’s amazing, but these people, are they true when they say they like shit? I don’t think so. I think people are trendy.

“I remember one thing specifically about Pac, before Pac died, all these girls didn’t like Pac,” Necro added. “They didn’t know shit about Pac. The second he died, every girl was a Pac fan all of a sudden. I’m not saying he wasn’t huge, I’m saying I noticed specifically, especially on the East Coast. I don’t remember every girl saying they loved him. So people are trendy. Maybe trend is what Hip Hop is. It was never what I thought was cool.”

In 2013, Necro released a full-length collaboration album with Kool G Rap called Once Upon A Crime.

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