During a recent Kanye West interview, the producer-rapper-designer spoke about the instrumentals for tracks in The Notorious B.I.G.’s catalog while discussing Hip Hop’s changes over the years.

“Everything goes in phases and cycles and stuff,” Kanye West said during an interview with Atlanta radio station V103. “You got Run-DMC and then you started going into Rakim and then Rakim and KRS-One. That opened a little gate, a door for [A] Tribe [Called Quest] to come in. And then you had on the other side N.W.A. and then Snoop [Dogg] came through and then that opened up the door for what [Dr.] Dre was doing. Then you had Biggie come back and Biggie used to actually like the Tribe sound more, the [DJ Premier] sound. Puff was the one who was like – of course, you know the story – Puff was like ‘You gotta rap on “Juicy.” You gotta rap on this.’ Biggie was so cold. We the geminis. I’m just like Biggie.

“Man that ‘Juicy’ beat, I don’t like that beat man, and I don’t like the beat for [‘Big Poppa’],” West continued. “I don’t like the Dr. Dre worm noise on the chorus at all, to this day when they play it. And I don’t imagine Biggie liked it that much either. But Biggie was so cold, that he could make you like anything.”

Kanye West Compares Himself To Prince, Lauryn Hill and Tupac Shakur

During the interview, West also compared himself to The Notorious B.I.G. and several other artists.

“People just saw me perform for 80 percent of the show without seeing my face,” West said. “They was like, ‘We paid all this money to see him and he didn’t show his face for 80 percent of it and we still cool with that.’ That’s some gemini shit right there. That’s some Prince, Lauryn Hill, [Andre] 3000, ‘Pac, Biggie Smalls, Miles Davis, Kanye West gemini shit. Biggie Smalls made you think that that ‘Big Poppa’ beat was cold. It was not a cold beat.” 

Kanye West Discusses Screaming In Interview With Sway Calloway

Beyond discussing the production behind The Notorious B.I.G. selections, West also spoke about his recent interview with Shade 45’s Sway Calloway, an interview that has become a point of discussion due to an argument and the brief shouting that ensued during the conversation. 

“It was so funny,” West said. “With ‘The Breakfast Club,’ I’m so prepped for anything. But with Sway, it was like…I think it was more my fault to get turnt up. But I get frustrated with dumb-ass questions. How could you give me an example of how you failed at something and you gon’ tell me how I’m gonna succeed at something?” 

The interview can be viewed below.

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