In video footage captured by Street Heat Films, DMX can be seen meeting fellow rapper Rakim for the very first time. It’s unclear when the video was taped, but in it the two lyricists appear to be backstage at a concert.

A visibly excited DMX hugged Rakim upon meeting him and told the rapper he was “honored” to meet him.

After posing for several pictures with Rakim, DMX was then asked what Rakim means to him in Hip Hop. While answering the question, X revealed that he always chose Rakim in the best rapper debate.

And after being encouraged to do so, DMX let loose a few bars from Rakim’s Follow The Leader record, “Microphone Fiend.”

“Growing up, it was always a conflict on who was the best rapper between Big Daddy Kane and Rakim,” DMX said. “I always went with Rakim. Always. Brother was serious. He didn’t compromise his lyrics. Went hard and didn’t even curse. That’s the shit that ‘Wow, he’s spitting some gangsta shit and didn’t even curse’…Biggest fan. I’ll spit the whole mothafuckin’ ‘Microphone Fiend’ right now.”

During the encounter between the two, Rakim was asked what DMX means to him in Hip Hop.

“We all know what was going on with Hip Hop at that time,” Rakim said. “When he came through, his shit was so fuckin’ raw I was like ‘Thank you, man. Finally.’ It was like New York was standing up again. And what was dope is I love emcees that say that shit I can’t say. And D, he spoke his shit from day one. You could tell he was walking the shit he was talking. That’s why I love him, man…The energy that this dude puts out, I wish I could have a little bottle of that shit.”

The release of the video featuring DMX and Rakim comes on the week DMX was reportedly arrested for contempt of court.

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