Miami rapper Gunplay and Chicago lyricist Lupe Fiasco serve as only a handful of Hip Hop artists who have shared their thoughts on Meek Mill versus Drake and ghostwriting in Hip Hop. Few ghostwriters have addressed the controversy, but earlier this week, Doggie Diamonds TV caught up with ghostwriter Sauce Money to get his take on the situation.

When asked if it’s a strike against a rapper if someone else wrote one of their rhymes, Sauce Money revealed that back in the day it would have been. He went on to explain that in music today, the primary concern is “putting out the best product.”

“I think back in the days it would have been,” Sauce Money said. “I think back in the days emcees had more of a responsibility to write they own shit. Today, I don’t really think it’s—People don’t really—It’s not important like that. It’s about putting out the best product.”

Sauce Money was later asked specifically about Drake during his interview. He defended the Canadian musician as he explained how a studio filled with equally talented people could easily result in someone else coming up with a hook, finishing a line, etc.

Prior to speaking on Drake, Sauce Money used Puff Daddy as an example of an artist who uses ghostwriters, but doesn’t claim to be an emcee.

“I don’t think so,” he said when asked if a rapper could be a top emcee if someone else wrote their rhymes. “Me, personally, you couldn’t really call yourself an emcee—Take for example with Puff. Puff doesn’t call himself an emcee…I don’t think niggas was penning his [Drake] bars like that. I think where we get it confused is we got people in the studio around that’s talented just like we are. So, we feed off of each other. So, a nigga might come up with a hook. A nigga might finish a line for you. We’ve all done it. So, I think Drake is one of the best emcees in the game.”

Sauce Money’s interview with Doggie Diamonds TV can be found below.

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