Speaking with HipHopDX Editor-in-Chief Justin Hunte in the most recent edition of the DX Daily segment (October 14), News Editor Soren Baker reacted to A$AP Yams’ recent claims that 2014 “is probably the worst year of rap music ever.”

Running down a list of recent releases to argue the point, Baker said “I think he’s way off base.”

“I definitely disagree,” he added. “Just this year alone already, and we’re not even done, we’ve had Vince Staples come out with Hell Can Wait, Shyne Coldchain II mixtape. We’ve had Common come out. We’ve had Dilated Peoples come out. We had Step Brothers. Freddie Gibbs. We have so many great projects coming out, I don’t even understand how he could make that comment. Crazy”

Admitting that every year has its ups and down, Baker maintained, “there’s always quality rap.”

“One year might be good for gangster rap and not good for Southern rap,” he said. “Or it might be good for political rap but not so good for commercial rap. So for me there’s really never a bad year. There may be years I like more or less but I think every year there’s so much material that comes out and there’s so much good material that you just have to look for it. You may have to look a little harder or it may not be your type of thing that’s the best that year. But there’s always quality rap.”

Last week, A$AP Yams detailed the recent delay of an A$AP Mob group album and the status the collective’s solo release plans. Talking about the group album he said, “Nothing has inspired us to drop nothing.”

“It wasn’t any trends; musically it was a lot of dry-ass shit,” he later said of the year’s releases. “Everybody [who] was supposed to drop, dropped the ball. This is probably the worst year of rap music ever. Let’s be honest. This is the worst year of rap music ever. It’s just been allegiances and people hyping shit up. Man, that shit trash.”

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